Tuesday, June 23, 2015

YouTube has blocked passage of Oleg Gazmanov for patriotic video “Forward, Russia!” – South – a new public newspaper

The popular video hosting YouTube has blocked passage of People’s Artist of Russia Oleg Gazmanov without explanation. Himself 63-year-old singer is sure that the lock is associated with the publication of an account of patriotic music video for the song “Forward, Russia” as access problems began immediately after placing the video.

At the beginning of the clip has been removed by unknown hackers . After the video was perezaleyte, he scored a week more than a million views. However, a week later, on the eve of Russian Channel singer is simply blocked. The administration referred to the video hosting verification of authorship. And after almost two weeks of Oleg Gazmanov notified of refusal to unblock the channel.

The very same singer is sure that the actions of the administration of YouTube are nothing but a part of the information war.

«This is a clear desire prevent the unification of the patriotic forces of the country. Is a country such services as YouTube, containing a large amount of obscene materials, but acting as a censor himself, “- said Oleg Gazmanov on its website.

However, the video” Forward, Russia! “Yet You can also watch other channels of video hosting YouTube. Also, video is available for viewing on the service Rutube.


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