Friday, June 19, 2015

“Well, here come the 37th!” – BBC

On Friday night at the cinema “Russia” held a grand opening ceremony of the Moscow International Film Festival.

Red carpet of the 37th Moscow International Film Festival began, as usual, late : journalists who are located on all sides of the entrance to the cinema “Russia”, which is traditionally held the opening, have already started to get tired. First appeared on the track festival president Nikita Mikhalkov, joyfully greeted the journalists and then climbed to the top of the track, where the evening shaking hands with guests.

Among the different known stars could easily be found, for example, Catherine Vilkova who came to the ceremony in a rather interesting long light blue dress, Ravshan Kurkova, who preferred to dress in black and white, Catherine Strizhenova with her daughter, Maxim Averin and even Leonid Yakubovich.

On the red carpet in addition to representatives of the Russian film industry appeared, for example, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, he took a stick to self and shouting “The whole world sees you” photographed against journalists.

The jury of the 37th Moscow International Film Festival also photographed on the red carpet. Chairman of the college of the main competition director Jean-Jacques Annaud and the owner of “Golden Globe” actress Jacqueline Bisset willingly answered questions from journalists than in the majority neglected the Russian stars.

Red carpet had already lasted for nearly half an hour, when the action finally become gradually move into the cinema “Russia”. The ceremony this year were exclusively women (could not help thinking about the relationship with the new women’s wave in the Russian cinema) – Julia AUG, Victoria Isakova, Darya Moroz, Svetlana Ivanova, Svetlana Ustinova.

The ceremony began with a tribute to the music of Tchaikovsky, the 175th anniversary of which is celebrated this year. Under his works performed by Piano Trio showed footage from the films of Woody Allen, Sergei Bondarchuk, the Wachowski brothers and many other famous directors.

The classical music at the opening general was even too much – through her failed break any contemporary authors. The competitive program declared, for example, under the “Agony of Love” Kreisler, footage from the film did not show – in short, nothing new on the ceremony could not be seen.

After Tchaikovsky’s remember that we must also congratulate the Gorky Film Studio. Video recorded for her personally cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, and sang – “Domisolki.”

The evening would be very boring if it were not for Khrushchev. His long-awaited appearance on the stage, he began with an ambiguous joke: “Well, here come the 37th!” After that long narrated about how to feel, and to make a film for example, one director (as it turned out – Jean-Jacques Annaud) casually mentioned sanctions at length saying that they are “everywhere,” but in the movie it should not affect, and invited on stage chairman of the jury of the main competition of the festival.

Jean-Jacques embarrassment immediately “tradition” hung around his neck a huge gold chain with St. George, which is to be the chairman of the jury until the end of the festival.

clapped Mikhalkov Jean-Jacques on the shoulder and said that the chain is actually very expensive and in the end it is required to be taken away. Anno, in turn, enthusiastically explained how this his trip to Russia visited the apartment Eisenstein and drank from his own cup.

opening film, by the way, this year was the “Wolf Totem”, the new film by Jean-Jacques Annaud. The picture tells the story of a young Beijing student who in 1967 went to live among the nomadic shepherds and faced with the struggle between humans and animals for their place in the world.

Another representative of the jury, actress Jacqueline Bisset, was awarded a special prize named after Stanislavsky called “I Believe”. She got up on stage, limping as it turns out, on the first day in Moscow fell somewhere.

The actress said that last trip to Moscow remembered her “delicious dinner with Mr Putin”, which greatly inspired her.

In Eventually, Nikita Mikhalkov was carried onto the stage a huge “cracker”, on which was written, of course, 37. Together with Jean-Jacques loudly clicked it, thus opening the Moscow kinofestval. The lights went out, the jokes stopped, and finally started the movie.


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