Saturday, June 27, 2015

In Sevastopol, can revive the former Military School nuclear scientists – a REGNUM


Sevastopol, June 27, 2015, 18:07 – REGNUM In Sevastopol is necessary to revive the Naval Engineering College (SVVMIU) for the preparation of mechanical engineers in the nuclear submarines of the Navy. This May 27 in Sebastopol, said presidential envoy in the RPO Oleg Belavenets .

He said that in 41 years of its existence SVVMIU released a large number of professionals for the nuclear submarine fleet, and Now to create SVVMIU requires a decision by senior management.

«Navy for return to school. I am convinced that, in the end, there will be naval school, “- said Belavenets.

SVVMIU was established in 1951. In 1993 it became part of the Sevastopol Naval Institute (Ukraine). In 1996, on this basis has been created Sevastopol Institute of Nuclear Energy and Industry, which in 2014 became part of the Sevastopol State University (Sevgi). Sam graduated Belavenets SVVMIU in 1971.

How to write news agency, Sevgi draws license “Rosatom” on the use of the research reactor IR-100 for the training of specialists in the design and operation of nuclear power plants. According to the vice-rector for innovative work and scientific activities Sevgi Andrew Falaleeva , the university will be the third university in Russia with a nuclear installation as part of the research base.

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