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Joseph Kobzon: nanovaccines extend the life of Jeanne Friske for two years – TVNZ

Two years the whole country was worried about the health of the singer Zhanna Friske, which American doctors after childbirth put a heavy diagnosis: “inoperable brain cancer».

At first it was treated in Miami. Jeanne was between life and death. The disease develops very quickly, but then the doctors were able to save her life.

Then there was a survey in Germany and other countries. In particular, as found out “KP”, common-law husband, Dmitry Shepelev actress flew to Japan for consultation. But there lights throw up their hands.

However, the family of Jeanne and her friend, singer Olga Orlova, continued to fight for her life. Treatment continued Friske in the American hospital where Joan of regular injections of the experimental nanovaccines acting on the immune system of the patient.

– Eight months Jeanne was treated in America, we talked regularly on Skype – told “KP” one Friske, journalist Otar Kushanashvili. – Jeanne, I often say, “Otar, you easily to me. You make a joke – and my heart just easier! “The treatment was very expensive.

« KP “found out that a single injection of a nanovaccines costs about 150 thousand dollars.

« The last months does not get out of bed »

Back in Moscow, Jeanne, according to the singer’s father, Vladimir Borisovich, traveled observed in Oncocenter Kashirka. There is also a native actress said that it is impossible to save her.

But close Joan refused to believe it. All medicines, in particular experimental nanovaccines, her husband, broadcaster Dmitry Shepelev, still brought from America, because Russia is not the drug. When the dollar jumped in price, it became even more difficult because of family medicine Friske also pay in the currency.

But fans and colleagues have left the singer in trouble. In addition to the 70 million rubles collected by Russians (half of them gave singer children with cancer), Jeanne handed over the money and show business. As the “KP”, Nikolai Baskov, Stas Mikhailov, and many other artists were transferred for treatment singer large sums. Many simply did not advertise it, not wanting to do PR on Mount colleagues. Silently helped the required amount for that Joan was very grateful to them.

– The last two months Jeanne felt very bad – told “KP” people around Frisco. – She then lapsed into unconsciousness, then again regained consciousness. Almost did not see anything and did not get up from the bed.

Next to her were always close: husband, Dmitry Shepelev Plato with his son, parents, sister and girlfriend Natasha Singer Olga Orlova.

“This type of cancer is incurable»

Singer moral support and pop maestro Joseph Kobzon.

– The last conversation we had with Jeanne, when she returned from America – He told the “KP” Joseph Davidovich. – She called me with regret: they say, look forward to our meeting in Jurmala, where she was treated. But, as you know, our meeting prevented Latvian sanctions against me and other Russian artists. And then, when we Dima Shepelev agreed to meet in Moscow, she had felt very bad. We have not met …

– Joseph Davidovich, some bloggers claim that Russia’s doctors refused to treat Jeanne, so she had to fly to the United States …

– I myself with cancer, so I know what it is. Two of the most dangerous cancer disease – a brain cancer and pancreatic cancer. They are incurable, neither America nor Russia, anywhere in the world.

– That is the American vaccine was the last hope for Joan?

– This is dope. The vaccine is extended for some time her life, stopped the growth of cancer cells. Alas, cure this disease is not yet possible.

In the subject

Dmitry Shepelev open fund in memory of his wife

As the “KP”, to help other patients, broadcaster Dmitry Shepelev plans to open an information charity fund for cancer patients brain. The idea came a year ago, but until the site is under construction. Take them close stop feeling bad Jeanne.

Like-minded Shepeleva emphasize that his foundation will deal primarily informational support patients and their families. That is, with the help of online services you can get expert advice about clinics, doctors and drugs. Get the help that she needed Jeanne and her loved ones.

  Comment specialist

Neurosurgeon: Even the newest treatments are not smogdi to save Jeanne

We asked about the diagnosis, which was made to Jeanne Friske, and how to our country treat brain tumors known neurosurgeon, PhD Igor Borshchenko.

 - Joan was diagnosed with “inoperable glioblastoma.” Why inoperable? Please tell us about the disease.

 - Glioblastoma – a malignant brain tumor. The reasons for its development are not fully understood. This tumor affects nerve cells in the brain is developing very quickly. But radical treatments yet.

 - And how the disease manifests itself?

 - Glioblastoma often develops in areas of the brain, which do not provide disease manifestations. And the disease can remain asymptomatic for a long time. But when the disease makes itself felt, the tumor may already be large and inoperable (details)

  “Komsomolskaya Pravda” mourns with the relatives of the actress and singer, eternal memory …

  See also photo gallery “Zhanna Friske: how we will remember her”.


  Dmitry Shepelev: “Jeanne is for me absolutely clear and unique happiness»

 In Moscow, Russia died singer Zhanna Friske. The last year and a half it has actively fought against a brain tumor. The doctors did everything they could, but the miracle did not happen.

 Her friends and relatives can not believe this terrible news. Male singer presenter Dmitry Shepelev said this terrible news (details)



  father Friske – Radio “KP”: Jeanne last three months lying in a coma

 Father Vladimir told the singer that the last three months Jeanne was in a coma. The family, he said, it just did not tell anyone.

 - The family: a wife, two friends and his father kept silent about it.

 - The child must remain with his father. If he will give it to us, allowing us to its raised, we will help him, of course. Where did we leave? It will be left without any. Plato now rests in Bulgaria. She’s in a coma for three months lying, we just talked about. Most likely, the Archangel St. Nicholas will be buried – he told the radio station “Komsomolskaya Pravda” (Details)


  Lolita “Jeanne wanted another child»

 “Last time, congratulating each other on New Year You said a cheerful voice:” I want another baby! “. You laugh in the tube, and I was sure that everything will be OK … We will all miss you – strong , beautiful, kind, gives hope .. Lord, Let There Jeanne will be fine. ” (Details)


  Sister Jeanne Friske Natalia: How am now living without you?

 Sister singer Natalia, shocked at what had happened: “My dear! My favorite! My Sister …. How am now living without you? Who now I’m going to tell their secrets and mysteries? Who will give me advice? So empty inside … no tears, nothing ….. You’re always in my heart! Sleep well, my baby doll …. I love you my dear !!! ” (Details)

  «The man who fought to the very end”: bloggers mourn Jeanne Friske

 It does not become a Russian singer Zhanna Friske. One and a half years she struggled with his terrible illness – an inoperable brain tumor, but the miracle did not happen … Bloggers can not believe in the death of the actress. On her death became known last night.

 - A man who fought to the very end. Sky takes the best. Rest in peace, Zhanna Friske – writesjuxsymet (details)

  Perm relatives Zhanna Friske: We are shocked, this is the option we did not even consider

 - The fact that Jeanne died, I learned this morning – Paul says Vshivkov, the head unit 22, a fire service of the Perm Territory (Nigella). – On the morning with his son phoned, he confirmed. We are in shock, never even did not occur to consider such an option. Now I do not even know what to do, until the mind does not fit … (details)

  Sobchak about Frisco: “She was beautiful and good»

 Friends and relatives of the actress can not believe this terrible news

 The news about the death of Russian singer Zhanna Friske stunned Tuesday everyone. The last year and a half artist struggled with a terrible cancer, but until recently, hoping for a miracle. But, alas … (details)

  life lessons Zhanna Friske

  «The woman must always be loved. We are blown away without love »

 “Komsomolskaya Pravda” has collected the most memorable quotes ex-soloist “brilliant”

 Yesterday departed this life a singer, and incredibly beautiful woman Zhanna Friske. The actress fought hard for over a year with cancer, but the disease was stronger. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” has collected the most memorable quotes ex-soloist “brilliant, from which lessons can be folded in her life. (Details)


  In Kazakhstan, a monument to Jeanne Friske

 The Kazakh city of Ekibastuz going to erect a monument to the Russian singer Zhanna Friske, who died of cancer on Tuesday night in Moscow.

 The monument created by sculptor Gamal Sagidenov. He admitted that it was Jeanne inspires him to create masterpieces. The author left the finishing touches. Sagidenov has not yet said how it will be his creation. He is saying only that it will reach a height of six meters (details)


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