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“About Love” and seven winners of “Kinotavr” – BBC

Finished 26th Russian film festival “Kinotavr”: triumph was the film Anna Melikian “About Love” director Aleksei Fedorchenko’s prize went to, and the prize for best actor shared just four actors. “Times” sums up the film festival.

Getting to the final scene in the closing ceremony of the 26th festival “Kinotavr”, its president Alexander Rodnyansky and chairman of the board of trustees Fyodor Bondarchuk besides sincere regret about the end film review reported that next year the festival will certainly take place again. Recall that recently the leadership of “Kinotavr” talk about the problems that may arise from the festival due to the reduction of the budget allocated to the Ministry of Culture cinema. However, even before the final ceremony at the final briefing Rodnyanskii outlined plans to expand the number of spectator programs targeting Sochi residents and visitors. As for the distribution of prizes, the favorites have changed throughout the festival week, and the intrigue remained until the end.

Best Film

The film Anna Melikyan second year consecutive closes the competition program, in which the right choice of position in the festival schedule can be seen some secret strategy. “Star” a year ago, received the prize for Best Director and Best Actress, “About Love” – ​​a picture of the current year – waited and did the final triumph. The almanac, which the director describes his first attempt to remove completely the viewer movie won the award for the best film award jury and film distributors.

The Chairman of the Jury film distributors, Disney CEO Marina Zhigalov-Ozkan told “”, that the decision to give the statuette picture Melikyan was unanimous. “The film has the greatest commercial potential. This is a wonderful, positive movie that inspires hope, gives positive emotions “, – said Zhigalov-Ozkan.

«About Love” – ​​this anthology of five stories, subtly witty movie.

Associated subjects of lectures on “Arrow “Renata Litvinova and characters played by Yevgeny Tsyganov, Alexander Bortich, Mikhail Yefremov and others. Selection of the jury, headed by Alexei Uchitel, is not surprising – after a week of very different movie, this picture is captivating and easily allows you to switch from the serious topics that were raised in other competitive films.

Best Debut

«The Seagull» Ella Manzheeva began their march across the winter festivals of Berlin, but there were no awards, taking her to “Kinotavr”. From the scene of the drama directed by strict Kalmyk I said that it was happy to receive the prize, where a few years ago she won the pitching. It should be noted also that in this competition “Kinotavr” was attended by seven of the debut full-length movies.

Best Director

The film “Angels revolution” by Alexei Fedorchenko shown on the first day of the festival was an instant favorite. Figures based on the Soviet avant-garde art, this piece goods, which could not be left without assessment of the jury. The picture shows that the popular trend in the interpretation of the Soviet past can be embodied not only in the genre of patriotic blockbuster, but transformed into a real myth of epic proportions. Besides directing prize Fedorchenko awarded the prize of the Guild of Film Critics, splitting the prize with Vasily and Andrey Sigareva Ilyenkov, wrote “Oz».

Best Screenplay

“Oz” Basil Sigareva was not only a hit of the contest program, but also one of the most talked about paintings – it is unclear so far how this pure obscenities told Christmas story will appear in the box with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The award for the script (ie just a text) in this context, looks reassuring gesture and at the same time political. On the sidelines could be heard joking suggestion that the cigar his film is able to repeal the law on the mat, and now it almost looks likely sharpness.

Best Actor

male actor award was divided between a quartet playing the main roles in “rag Union” – the author’s first feature film script “Legends 17″ Michael Mestetsky. The picture tells the story of four teenagers – Egghead, sporty, Psychonauts and artists who decide to establish a secret society “Cloth Union” and take anti-social activities. At some point, it seems that the director occasionally confuses Arkady Gaidar Chuck Palahniuk, but the youthful enthusiasm of heroes more than compensates for all the drawbacks. The best among the actors of honor, was Alexander Pahl, who played in another competition film “The guy from our cemetery.” The actor is clearly on the way to his breakthrough role, and possibly as soon as next “Kinotavr” he would leave with a personalized statuette.

Best Actress

Output scene Polina Grishina, who played a nun in “Salvation” Ivan Vyrypaeva was notable, above all, that it is absolutely impossible to know her character. Short-haired blonde with a tattoo on her shoulder blade and was quite similar to its austere character, than once again confirmed its right to the award. “Salvation”, by the way, was the debut for the actress.

Best Music

The prize for the best music jury awarded the Swiss Nicolas Rebyusa, composed the soundtrack to the “syndrome of Petrushka “Elena Hazanova. Most viewers felt this adaptation of the novel by Dina Rubina with Yevgeny Mironov and Chulpan Khamatova too campy, but the music there really is crucial. In addition, it is composed in such a way that permanently screwed into the memory.

The best operator

«Nakhodka» Victor Dement was met with puzzlement by the public – is strong, but rather a television movie adaptation of the novel of the Soviet writer Vladimir Tendryakova. However, captured by Andrei Naydenov Karelian and Finnish landscapes is not only refreshing among Sochi heat, but in principle worth it to be seen on the big screen.


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