Saturday, June 20, 2015

5 reasons to visit the “Manor Jazz” – BBC

20 and 21 June will take place in the Tsaritsyno Festival “Usadba Jazz”, which will present its viewers with a wide range of music – from graduates of the show “The Voice” to the Sufi rock.

Decent Russian music

Yes, of course, the stars and the main reason for visiting the festival are rarely domestic performers, but still have to wait for the headliners. Make it to the “Manor Jazz” is perhaps easier than in any other Russian festival. At various stages during these two days will perform “Megapolis” Oleg Nesterov with the program “on Earth,” Anton Belyayev and Therr Maitz, Nino Katamadze, Hibla Gerzmava trio Daniel Kramer with a special program and many others.

Tony Allen

The legendary musician and producer Brian Eno called Allen’s best drummers alive today, and in order to ensure this, just this weekend come to the Tsarina. Tony – one of the fathers of afrobeat, Fela Kuti colleague and friend Damon Albarn of Blur. But in the concert is the best incarnation, perhaps, dance music in the world, in which the rhythmic quaintness only pushes to ensure that immediately start dancing.


Qawwali – a Sufi spiritual music, popular on the border of India and Pakistan. Meaning of the word “rock” to explain, perhaps, not worth it. Rocqawali – an international group, combining its composition Pakistani Ejaz Ali Sher quartet Danish rockers. The group claims to be, perhaps, the most exotic party “Manor Jazz” – singing to the harmonium in the spirit of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is combined with dance rhythms and hard rock guitar riffs. However, it sounds difficult only in words, but in reality Rocqawali may well be the most vivid impression of the festival.

Trad Attack

The most unusual guests of the festival – a group of Estonian neofolkovaya Trad Attack. Unlike pridzhazovannyh comfortable rooms that offer the other participants of the festival, here we are talking about the Nordic folk, which is executed with the use of not only traditional guitars and drums, but the Jew’s harp and something like a bagpipe. Interestingly performance Trad Attack also because for the first time in a long time his version of dance folk-rock does not offer Roma Gogol Bordello, and severe northerners.

Hiatus Kaiyotte

Well, of course, will not do at the festival without a gift to fans of neo-soul. Participants trio Hiatus Kaiyotte approach to writing the songs as a film. The end result is reflected bizarre structure and frequent rhythmic Fills, which, however, do not interfere with perception, but only creates a psychedelic light effects.


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