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The jury chose Taffy “president” – Kommersant

Jury National Award Taffy in a secret ballot of the 405 applications determined three finalists in each of 24 categories. For this year’s awards will compete action “Immortal Regiment” movies “President” and “Crimea. The path to the homeland.” Winners of Taffy-2015 will be determined by the results of the second stage of voting and will receive their statuettes at a ceremony on June 25.

The site of the national TEFI published the shortlist of nominees this year. The title of “Event TV season,” claimed the action “Immortal Regiment” (“Channel”, “Russia 1″), the project “Dancing” (TNT) and the film Andrei Kondrashov “Crimea. The path to the Motherland” (“Russia 1″). Last aired twice on the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea March 15 (then gathered at the screens of 40.6% of Muscovites) and Victory Day on May 9. In the award for best information transfer nominated program “Main” (“Channel Five”), “Sunday Time” (“Channel”) and “Vesti Nedeli” Dmitry Kiselev (“Russia 1″). For the best leading information program will fight Yankina Anna and Egor Kolyvanov (“Anatomy of the day”, NTV), Maria Sittel and Andrei Kondrashov (“Vesti”, “Russia 1″) and Dmitry Borisov (“News”, “The First Channel”) . In total, as he wrote, “Kommersant” on Taffy this year 405 applications were submitted.

The finalists in the category of “late-night talk show” began the program “The right to know!” (“TV Center”), “Tonight” (“Channel”) and “An Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” (“Russia 1″). Among the candidates for the “Orpheus” in the nomination “Documentary Project” (it was filed more than just work – 45) – “Brodsky is not a poet” (“Channel”), “Man, like …” (“TV Center” ), as well as the film Vladimir Solovyov “President” (“Russia 1″) – his producer Said Medvedev also claims to be the producer of a television season, along with Yuri Aksyuta (“Voice”, “Channel”) and Vyacheslav Dusmuhametovym (“Dancing” TNT).

Note that in the list of finalists were once again not only last year’s nominees telepremii not get the “Orpheus” (“Sunday times”, “Evening Urgant”, “An Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” Dmitry Nagiyev Dmitry Borisov), but winners of the 2014 Taffy (Ivan Urgant, “The Voice”). And in the final category “journalistic program” Man and Law “” came just two programs: “The investigation is conducted …” (NTV) and “Honest Detective” (“Russia 1″). As explained by “Kommersant” CEO Committee of industrial telepremy Maya Kobakhidze, this nomination was filed only two bids and both were on the list of nominees. In some categories, in contrast, it was more than three finalists. For example, the award for promotion ethereal claimed six works, and Best Leading entertainment nominated four. According to Maia Kobakhidze, these applicants “have received equal number of votes” and the organizers “had no choice”.

Recall that the jury determines the winners of the 140 representatives of the television industry. Its composition with the previous year, although has undergone a small rotation (the jury left, for example, the TV presenter Marianna Maksimovskaya and head of television Life News Ashot Gabrelyanov) mainly remained unchanged. Thus, among the members of the jury is still presenters Dmitry Kiselev, Irada Zeynalov, Vadim Takmenev, head of the Academy of Russian Television Akopov Alexander, the head of “Public Television of Russia” Anatoly Lysenko.

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