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The results of the exam: the only weak point acknowledged toilet – Moskovsky Komsomolets

For the first time a single state exam can be called the best

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On Monday Rosobrnadzor summed up the campaign EGE- 2015. Compared to last year the average score almost in all subjects increased the number spisyvalschikov deleted from the exams dropped, but the proportion who could not overcome the minimum threshold for obtaining a certificate remained unchanged: it seems that about 1.2% of eleventh-graders are not able to master school program in any models of the exam.

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Because of demographic problems the number of graduates of the school, and hence the exam and participants every year every year is getting smaller. So this time the exam passed about 725 thousand. People, including 650 ths. Graduates of the current year, whereas in 2014 there were 733.4 thousand, respectively. And 684.6 thousand. However, the main feature of this campaign is to other: except for a couple of items, the average score for both compulsory subjects and the subjects of choice immediately rose to the position 3-4.

For example, the average score on the Russian language has increased from last year’s 62.5 to 65.9 points, ie 3.4 points; a profile of mathematics – from 46.5 to 50.9 and 4.5 points. And it’s not because clarified “MK” head Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov, that last year with an exam passed profilnikami weak guys, dedicated this year to a group of surrendering the subject to a more simple, basic level: “In order to have comparable results from last year We took only scores above the minimum of 24 points “.

The same thing happened with the majority of subjects of their choice. For example, in physics average score increased from 45.4 to 51.1; in Chemistry – from 55.3 to 57.1; in history – from 45.3 to 47.1; geography – from 52.9 to 53; English – from 62.8 to 65.9; on society – from 55.4 to 58.6; in literature – from 53.6 to 57.1. And this is emphasized in Rosobrnadzor is evidence (add, the first in many years) to stabilize the situation with the uniform state exam.

One of the reasons explained, “MK” Deputy Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev, was that “the guys stopped hope for leakage of examination materials, tips and cheating – and such hope, to be honest, there were last year. And so are better prepared. ” The strategic course of the introduction of level of writing and math exams was also true: an essay bolstered both Russian and the literature, and mathematics split into two levels, said Sergei Kravtsov “MK”, ​​”removed the tension arising around the exam on this subject and to provide the best high schools entrants “.

However, on two subjects of choice results compared with last year subsided a bit: in computer science – from 57.1 to 54, and biology – from 54.1 to 53 6 points. The reasons are found out: a working hypothesis to date, according to Kravtsov – “part of the flow of graduates in physics exam on the exam on the computer. But overall these figures are within the tolerances”.

The slightly grown and the number 100 -ballnikov: from last year’s 3705 to 3922 people. But it convinced Rosobrnadzor not return to the lawlessness of previous years (100-point work has been reevaluated, and recording of the lecture where they were written, reviewed), and another sign of stabilization of the situation and better prepare for exams. The same picture with vysokoballnikami, but double-check their work is not yet complete.

Part of the validity of the exam in 2015 confirmed increased security measures taken during the campaign: delivery of materials by means of special communication equipment 30% of audiences means online -nablyudeniya, printing materials just before exams, and in some places, and jamming the signal of mobile communication. All this summed up the muse, “led to the fact that the only loophole for fans of cheating was the toilet. But we got the camera, of course, are not going to put – perhaps enhance the experience of mobile communication signal suppression”.

Particular attention was given to the traditionally problematic North Caucasus region, said Muzaev: “In North Ossetia, Ingushetia and Chechnya, online monitoring was carried out on 100% of the exam points (PES). In other republics – more than 80%.” And as a result – no mass violations. For example, in Dagestan in 2013 dissolute ‘exam tourism’ in the exams were about 1.5 thousand. New graduates and this – 45 people, mostly children moved to a new post of military and security forces.

Decreased and the number of deleted from the exams because of various violations – from 1.5 thous. in 2014 to 1,124 in 2015. And, last but not least, 15% fewer appeals. This is – further evidence of improving the quality of students and their more serious attitude towards exams. You’ll see, over time, will improve the reputation of the exam before the society seriously begin to trust its results. But it is certainly something for the future.

By the way, on appeals. The Federal Institute for Education Measurement participants reviewed the complaint exam on the Russian language to the alleged unfair assessment of the zero setting of the “C” (essays). As head of the department clarified Oksana Reshetnikov, the problem arose from the fact that the responses of the children confused topic inherited them passage to the problem of art. Hence the decline in their results. However, the problem was only in 2% of graduates: 98% of the errors are not made.

MEANWHILE. Rosobrnadzor started collecting proposals for the 2016 exam. While considered the option of year-round delivery of unified state exam (Graph for September has already been approved), as well as the rejection of the test part has a number of things.


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