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In Bryansk memorial plaque partisan Leonid Zhuravlev – IA REGNUM


Bryansk, June 29, 2015, 21:13 – REGNUM The opening of the memorial plaque Partizan Leonid Zhuravlev held today, June 29, Bryansk – by a former firehouse in Bezhitsk area outside Ulyanovsk, BelTA IA REGNUM in the City Hall.

The installed before the board was lost after as the fire moved out of this building. The current owners of the building for their money produced a new plaque, which was opened on the eve of partisans and underground fighters.

At the solemn meeting devoted to this event was attended by the grandson of Leonid Zhuravlev – Igor Zhuravlev , the head of the district administration Bezhitsk Vasily Remizov , Deputy City Council Tatiana Mamonov , Chairman of the District Council Bezhitsk veterans of war, labor, armed forces and law enforcement Asya Konoshenko , Chairman of the Council of Veterans of the Main Directorate of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Bryansk region Gregory Chumasov , staff management, lined up at the building in the guard of honor.

In the summer of 1941 in all areas of the region were formed 72 guerrilla detachment, created more by October 27. In August 1941 Ordzhonikidzegradskim city committee of the CPSU (b) and the NKVD in the city of Orel Region was established five guerrilla groups. When one of them was called “Special Detachment of the NKVD” – it consisted solely of employees of the city police department and fire department workers militarized factory “Red Profintern.” He commanded a detachment senior detective city police department Sergei Denisov . It came and Leonid Zhuravlev, who before the war worked as a physical trainer at the firehouse Bezhitsa. For almost a year he had fought against the occupiers, was deputy commander of the detachment. In June 1942, the village Pershin, Denisov and Gorbachev detachments were surrounded by a large force of punishers. The first attempts to escape did not succeed. With detachment Duque environment was broken, but in the battle Leonid Zhuravlev was killed. His name is in the Book of Memory firehouse Bezhitsk area.

Today, June 29, in the Bryansk region widely celebrated Day of partisans and underground fighters. On the eve of the first in the region has opened a patriotic festival “guerrilla trails of Bryansk”, and today, and the memorial complex “Guerrilla glade” a solemn ceremony of handing over certificates conferring the honorary title of “City of Partisan Glory,” “Village of Partisan Glory,” “City of Partisan Glory “municipalities of the Bryansk region. Honorary titles this year awarded the city Trubchevsk, d. Karbovka Pogarsky district, d. Smelizh Suzemskogo area and n. Suzemka.

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