Friday, June 19, 2015

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan offered the director’s post in the theater to his girlfriend – TVNZ

On Thursday, the head of the Moscow Department of Culture convened a meeting of the heads of theater. Where among other issues discussed the situation Theater Armen Jigarkhanyan. In recent years, the theater was clearly on the side of the Russian theatrical life. The reasons for this suspended animation – economic, and told about the meeting Armen Dzhigarkhanyan:

– Our theater is much needed attention and assistance to the Department of Culture of Moscow, – said the People’s Artist, pointing out that the economically difficult situation simply requires the appointment new energetic and competent director. He suggested to the post 34-year-old Vitalina Cymbalyuk Romanovskii, head of the musical part:

– I propose to appoint a director-Cymbalyuk Romanowski already eight years working in the theater and knows the team. I hope that it will justify our confidence.

Sam Armen Borisovich (by the way, is now gone over the presidency of the theater) experiencing full confidence in Cymbalyuk-Romanov. As it follows from the recognition of a young woman with her 79-year-old associate Dzhigarhanyanom personal relationships. In fact, the couple recognized the novel and living together – someone must monitor the health of the master, he stressed in comments Vitalina Viktorovna. Recall Armen Borisovich wife lives in the United States.

The candidacy Cymbalyuk-Romanov approved in the department, and maybe it’s for the better – a full understanding not hurt the work.

Well, at the Theatre Viktyuk still can not get accustomed Director. From there went Irina Apeksimova. Recently, she was invited to lead the orphaned after the death of Valery Zolotukhin Taganka Theater. First Apeksmimova, as director of the Theater Viktyuk was going to combine the two directorships. However, it soon became clear that it is impossible and counterproductive. Besides Apeksimova, she said, she did not see prospects for themselves in the Theater Viktyuk. Therefore, in April 2015 directorships worries temporarily fell on the shoulders of Roman G.. Now this position gave Valery Raikov, ex-director of “Contemporary”, who had gone there because of disagreements with the artistic director Galina Volchek. Before “Contemporary” Raykov successfully led TYuZom Saratov. He – Honored Worker of Culture of Russia and PhD.


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