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Determined six pianists held in the final of the competition Tchaikovsky – Russian newspaper

Announcement of the results of the second round was held at the end of Mozart’s marathon at the Great Hall of the Conservatory. Out of 12 contestants in the second round of the finals were held six Sergey Red’kin, George Lee, Luke Debarg Lucas Geniušas Daniel Kharitonov Dmitry Masleev.

The tension in the room on the last day of the second round was huge, and it’s impact on speeches contestants who performed concertos by Mozart.

In the first series of auditions again accompanied soloists chamber ensemble “Soloists of Moscow” (the conductor’s podium Aerton Desemler). The evening was opened by Lucas Geniušas exemplary execution of a magnificent concert of Mozart’s number 20 (I played the piano part with its own processing cadenza Beethoven), in which there was no place for text blunders or stage accident. An experienced fighter competition Geniušas Lucas masterfully transformed the competitive pressure in the excitement of artistic temperament, which in part III of the concert took the audience into a whirlwind of passion, interpreted in the spirit of Mozart’s piano symphony.

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Following the first time in Round II, there was a concert of Mozart’s number 9 in E Flat Major by the youngest participant Daniel Kharitonov. His speech was also performing repertoire and success: in the selected youth concert composer “Jeune Homme” Kharitonov was completely organic, and touching smile never left his face in Allegro I part of the concert, the audience was passed in the hall. It is in the chamber Mozart Daniel Kharitonov failed to fully demonstrate the fine lines of his instrumental sound palette: soft piano, transparent instrumentation of piano party and gracefully built agogics micro-level musical text organization motifs and phrases.

The first He completed a series of auditions with the execution of Julius Kochuban 23rd, A-major, Mozart concerto. Emotional, sometimes ecstatic style of play at the beginning of the Polish pianist, seemed to have contributed to the transfer of the plastic image and intoxicating voicing Part I, but grew into the finale fidgeting: it has led to a variety of text inaccuracies and “skewing” the impression of a bright and live performance of Mozart’s masterpiece.

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Three the remaining contestants will perform concertos by Mozart accompanied by the State Academic Chamber Orchestra of Russia directed by Alexei Utkin. Michael Turpanov, opened the final session before auditions majeure 21st concert, can not cope with the competitive tension: as a result of an unfortunate loss of text in Part I darkened the impression of playing this extraordinary talented pianist. The real musical Turpanova luck, however, we can confidently call it a nice execution of the Andante II for each note which was heard deep musician.

The next speaker, is relatively stable and confident, Nikolai Medvedev with a concert of Mozart’s number 20 . Classic, is designed in pale colors emotional pianist perhaps precisely because of the stable-stable manner of playing (which is certainly an advantage in the competitive mnogoturovyh marathons), Mozart did not have a bit of lightness and dramatic intrigue. What is abundantly present in the execution of the next participant who has completed listening to the second round.

As before, prompt and stylish execution Dmitry Masleeva made an impression on the audience. His interpretation of the 20th concert (Version with cadence A. Brendel) to strike a balance different sound a solo instrument and orchestra, pleasant mild “Mozart forte” in chords, flexible, diverse and sometimes unpredictable phrasing. And although technically brilliant game instrumentalist musician’s no feeling of depth and understanding of the greatness of the music performed, it was stylish and colorful design, finish listening to the second round, where the audience applauded – though not long, but still – standing.

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