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“Kinotavr” without timpani – Interfax


Notes correspondent of “Interfax” with the 26th Open Russian Film Festival


Moscow. June 15th. INTERFAX.RU – Perhaps there is something symbolic in the fact that the current “Kinotavr” began a film about love – “14+” Andrei Zaitsev – and ended the same love – painting Anna Melikian “About Love”. The first won the Audience Award, which, as a rule, contrary to the sympathies of professionals, the second thunderous applause took the Grand Prix “Kinotavr”. But about the films below, but for now – about the festival.

Like the Mood for Love decided to obey the organizers of the festival “Kinotavr” this year showed the character of a gentle and peaceful. No one was seen in the night fights on the beaches, journalists for the most part did not call for public executions authors paintings weak and the authors at press conferences are not scolded journalists for stupid questions. Well, except that one young lady journalist-director advised to see a psychiatrist, when it emerged that she had misunderstood one of the key scenes of her film. But it looked modest Tuchka beside blazing sun universal gracious. And even the weather, often striking the stomach rain direct fire on a stellar track, this time gritted her teeth and shining blue sky.

In this blue sky over a red carpet welcoming watched dozens of spectators, separated from the track grid half of human growth. “This is not to try to infiltrate,” – he explained to the officer of the local police in response to a question, whether well to keep people in cages. Then he thought for a moment and added: “Although it is still unknown who guarded – stars from the public or the public of the stars.” Perhaps he also remembered how a local grandmother got on the head by a bottle razrezvivsheysya actress a few years ago.

I was surprised critics. Usually on the eve of the distribution of the prizes Critics Guild arranges long night of the lists, discussing whom to give the prize of the Guild. These stuffed the lists crowd of people to listen to how miserably broken spear. At this time, appeared on the meeting were disappointed – the decision was taken unanimously within two minutes. Critics of the prize was shared equally between the two Yekaterinburg – Aleksei Fedorchenko (“Angels of the Revolution”) and Vasily Sigarev (“Country 03″). But about the films – just below.

In short, the “Kinotavr” this time breathing world, holding feathers secular chroniclers idle. And hordes of jellyfish if specially been abandoned to the coast of Sochi, God forbid that no one stayed in the warm water of the Black Sea instead of the movie. In fairness, we note that these are usually not the case.

Anyway, I must say, the local schedule is not too replete with holes. The sea at “Kinotavr” – it is rather the background is inviting views of the festival headquarters is humid air, blow out late in the evening the audience gathered on the beach for special concerts. Time usually appears only after 11 pm, when the end of the last show. Usually in the day show two or three feature films, plus a program of short films. In the morning – press conferences and round tables. Tables, as usual, not too funny and not particularly helpful, but all have become accustomed to discuss the problems of adaptations or young cinema or some mythical participation of some civil society organizations in the cinema – it’s like a side dish of boiled carrots to a piece of meat : tasteless, it is unnecessary, but nice, and they say that it is useful.

Late in the evening usually – concerts on the beach. Concerts noisy, they do not give sleep to those who get up early tomorrow, and it’s always been and will be one of the problems of “Kinotavr”. One may explain to people that Alex Aygi or Sergey Mazaev – great musicians, but decibels, unfortunately, do not differ from each other quality. Tired guests of the festival, whose windows overlook the beach anyway, shake their home good music or pop. Those who go out of the window on the other side, on the Winter Theatre, where until two in the morning show movies in the square, is also difficult to reconcile with the idea that the communion of the urban public to the cinema should be carried out at the expense of sleep.

However, the guests and participants, as demonstrated by many years of practice, willing to endure the inconvenience of the festival. The rumor that perhaps “Kinotavr” will move to Krasnaya Polyana, or any Olympic venue, called the permanent members “Kinotavr” habitual melancholy. However, the president of the festival, Alexander promised Rodnyanskii nowhere “Kinotavr” Do not move. All we sighed, relaxed and again plunged into the sea of ​​the beautiful appearance of democracy, which is often better than democracy itself. At least for the “Kinotavr” no VIP boxes in the room, nor a strict recording interviews – please even nigh to Sobchak, even to Kobzon. Talk not really succeed, but make no ban self.

By the way, about the stars. Perhaps this is a problem more serious than the night noise from the beach. Most characters are expected at this year’s “Kinotavr” did not appear, citing employment. So feeble films that have a contest for the big names were in the competition is not to the court. Helpless “Parsley Syndrome” Elena Hazanova (film adaptation of the novel by Dina Rubina) promised a meeting with the lead actors – Chulpan Khamatova and Yevgeny Mironov. Waiting for them, they waited, but did not wait. Moral: weak to take in a movie festival competition, claiming the prestige, can not under any circumstances, even though he will plead with Jack Nicholson.

About the movie

Other cinema has given us this year, “Kinotavr”. And it is weak, such as the aforementioned “Petrushka Syndrome” or “Guest” Denis Rodimin – a hodgepodge of fantasy stories and evangelical transferred to the Siberian taiga. But be that as it may, “Kinotavr” for Rodnjanskogo exact expression – “a showcase of Russian cinema.” Scold selectors a strange selection – the same as a porter to abuse, carry on a shop window mannequins. Loader is not to blame – it exposes what he is given.

This year the festival headed for auteur cinema. Top kinotavrovskie work this year – is a set of meanings and generalizations under bright wrapper. At least three of the most powerful paintings “Kinotavr” -2015 – “Angels Revolution” Fedorchenko (Prize of the Guild of critics and the prize for Best Director), “Country 03″ Sigareva (Prize of the Guild of critics and the prize for best screenplay) and “About Love” Melikyan ( Grand Prix and the Jury Prize distributors) – showed such obvious for professionals and such frightening to most untrained viewers the idea that “art films” or “art house” – not a curse, not a term narrowly professional, not a bogey who love to scare the audience.

Shot in the genre of whether the booth, whether burlesque modernist painting Fedorchenko about four friends trying to avant-garde in the early 30′s to instill a distant village Nenets reindeer herders love to a new culture reveals several layers deep problems. Here and responsibility of the artist to society, and the inability to impose a culture of force, and the pain of disappearing due to the fault of irresponsible power entire ethnic groups. Fedorchenko, one of the most interesting Russian film directors, so bravely blends different cultural layers that from his “pen” comes whole metaphysical world view. And laughter through tears in the scene in which an ancient temple reconstructed in handy Soviet crematorium or herders trying to implant interest in Malevich gradually calms down, unable to endure the tragic absurdity of what is happening.

The scary and funny “Country 03″ ( surprisingly, so it is not yet clear – this is referring to the famous Oz or thoughts of so necessary to our country, “first aid” – the director himself gave the nod to the fact and others) will certainly have a big problem with internet. Not only because of the considerable amount of profanity, which are willing to use even Inna Churikov, but because of the hopeless longing that is trying to hide behind the most hilarious dialogue and scenes. “Country 03″ – the journey from the village of Little girl Lala in Ekaterinburg (excellent role Jana Troyan), her meeting with people strange, evil, not evil – familiar to us all, but it absolutely fabulous, like a weird, characters. There will be even nearly true magician as Gosha Kutsenko in glowing hat will be a womanizer, impotent men, who imagine themselves bards (Vladimir Simonov), would be a simple good-hearted aunt, exhausted adult sons, idlers (Inna Churikov). But the main and still remains unbeaten Bastinda as Gopnik, spiteful alcoholic Alexander Bashirov. Special respect Sigareva – for a scene in which the character tries to criticize the manuscript of his friend, sitting on the pot for big business. Creative public correctly understood this episode as a symbol.

But when shown “About Love” – ​​it became clear that this Grand Prix. Not because this collection of short stories – Youth memes about a very different love of art, or more refined all the other works shown at the “Kinotavr”. The decision of the jury – is the way to reconciliation, marking an early end hostility between the author and the commercial cinema, an attempt to find a balance between high and selling. No wonder the “About Love” was also a jury prize distributors.

“Kinotavr”, as befits the window, revealed, of course, many challenges of today’s cinema. This is an unfortunate void, mixed with the desire to take it easy on the young lightweight threads found in the short film competition. And the apparent failure of the so-called producer movie, when it became clear that good producers, parting with a good director, and bet on their own, found themselves without these directors insecure to helplessness.

But while the drums beat the reason is no life in the movie turned out to be warm. And she still flare up if she certainly did not interfere, resembling the character Bashirov.

Ekaterina Barabash


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