Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Yanukovych: I’m for that Donbass remained in the Ukraine – a REGNUM


Kyiv, June 23, 2015, 16:12 – REGNUM The humanitarian disaster in the Donbass caused economic and transport blockade from Kiev He said in an interview with BBC, shown the evening of 22 June the fourth Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

«It is impossible in any case to carry out a blockade of Donbass. What did the Ukrainian government, blocking the Donbass, those residents that are there … And they will live, say, in these areas, if they have nowhere to get more help? “- Wondered the deposed president.

«And if Russia does not help if Russia did not come from that help, which is, for those people in hospitals, schools and so on, people would have died there at all. There’s now a humanitarian catastrophe “, – said Yanukovych.

According to him, the constructive role of Russia on the situation in the Donbass is the preparation of the Minsk Agreement.

«constructive role Russia is to prepare the Minsk Agreement. Why not met Minsk agreement now – this is a question to be answered by the two sides – is Kiev Donbass, and. But if Kiev does not want to negotiate with the Donbas, tell me, how can constructivism? What does Russia? Sit down. After all, I did, when he was the Maidan, I met with all the leaders of the opposition, and at any time of the day. I spent days negotiating with them. I even met with the head of the “Right Sector”, with Yarosh. I invited him and he came. And we talked with him, and was quite a long conversation. It seemed to me, at that time we are very well aware of each other. But why the current Ukrainian authorities do not meet with representatives of the Donbass? Why not sit down at the negotiating table. What is the position of the government, which says “we do not talk to anyone”? “- Wondered Yanukovych.

He also called on the EU and US to make the official Kiev to negotiate with representatives of Donbass.

«I think that there is a big, big mistake of the current government of Kiev. If she wants to achieve peace … They promised President Poroshenko promised in his election campaign that the number one priority – is to stop the war. And most people because that voted for him. And the hope was, I say, and I had hoped. I am also anxiously watching for it. It was hoped that that’s been elected president, and finally begin the process of negotiation, then a truce, and so on. Therefore, Today there is a huge distrust on both sides and disrespect? If Kiev wants Donbass remained in Ukraine – and for that I am, I am for it to Donbass remained in Ukraine – it is necessary to negotiate, do anything, achieve compromise, negotiate and begin to carry out the Minsk Agreement. The merit of Russia that took place on the Minsk Agreement. This is very important. And today Europe, the United States, which directly influence the Kiev, Kiev must make to the negotiating table with representatives of Donbass and perform Minsk agreement “, – summed up the former president.

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