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The leader and founder of Pain Rammstein recorded their debut album together – Russian newspaper

While the German band Rammstein is in the extended leave, the participants continued to creative experiments alone.

The last time an extremely popular team recalled his single from the most recent is not entitled Mein Herz Brennt, a little earlier, and released a compilation of pretty funny song-provocation Mein Land with a corresponding group of postmodern image clip. And the last full-length album Rammstein out six years ago. Of course, still in the form of a good creative musicians all the time do not sit idly by.

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Following the guitarist Richard Kruspe, who last year released the second album of his own band Emigrate (album turned out great – thanks largely to a bright guests from not needs no introduction Marilyn Manson and Lemmy Kilmister to the extravagant singer Peaches and Jonathan Davis of Korn), and his project took Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann.

A few days ago released an album Herr Lindemann Skills in Pills, which is recorded together with the other sign for industrial (and other) metal musician Peter Tägtgren. Although the group had decided to name just Lindemann, the merit of the Swedish multi-instrumentalist that the album was born, definitely not less.

Participation in the creation of Tegtgrena Skills in Pills unmistakably recognized for the brand is very recognizable riffs and keyboards in the spirit Pain, the main project in the life of a talented multi Scandinavia. Tireless Swede has tried his death metal, creating a cult band Hypocrisy (which, incidentally, live to this day), played a classic black metal, being at the helm of the group The Abyss, has participated in several other projects. But he pays special attention to his solo brainchild called Pain. Under this guise Tegtgren has recorded seven studio albums in the genre of industrial metal, and the bar is always held on the highest level. The powerful and tenacious riffs in songs Pain is always more than compensated for excessive indulgence to the broad and avid pop-raspevki audience.

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All the best of music Pain was expertly moved into the debut album of the project Lindemann – except, actually, charismatic vocals Tegtgrena with his very good English. Voice of the project is, of course, no less charismatic leader Rammstein. And with its emphasis hard fans of the band for a long time well-known: in English, he sang repeatedly. Alas, the German-Swedish musical union decided to record all his songs in English: apparently, given the breadth of the target audience. And if itself the focus Lindemann and his manner interfere with the English words with German is still perceived as a fun “trick” the lyrics in the album suffers from this choice. German-provocative lyrics Rammstein – although they very unsophisticated – quite organically combined with bulky music group. But the English-language experiments Herr Thiel did not have this exotic charm. And it’s not so much that he’s here with redoubled enthusiasm and attention turned to a favorite topic of sexual deviancy and other marginal aspects of contemporary life (just look at the names of the songs – they would be enough to cause many if not vomiting spasms, then, Anyway, confusion). But rather in the fact that the lyrics are extremely primitive and Lindemann sound went beyond measure.

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However, this is unlikely to confuse the fans too: it is only by this irrepressible outrageous couples and could wait. These expectations have been met for all hundred percent: kitsch here, even more than in past releases scandalous Rammstein. Even single preceded the album release and the accompanying video grotesque, he said that Lindemann with Tägtgren going to shock the public. This is confirmed by the monstrous duo photoshoot.

In general, the album was a success as a provocation: in any case, the objectives achieved and the fans – are satisfied. Formula “Rammstein – Laibach is for children” again showed its worth – while Lindemann demonstrated that it is also valid for the individual members of the cult German band. But a bizarre combination of music with elements of Pain (and this applies not only lindemannovskogo vocals – Tegtgren clearly tried to make the background music familiar and comfortable as possible for their partner) militants Rammstein sure many will like. At the very least, to see the results of this experiment will certainly be interesting not only to fans of Neue Deutsche Haerte and industrial metal fans.

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