Friday, June 26, 2015

Vladimir Putin spoke to the fire victims in Khakassia – Russian newspaper

The President checked how fast is the recovery of property which was destroyed by fire in April of Khakassia.

The head of state in a helicopter flew over the affected area, and then went to the village Ust-Bures, which looked at home, spoke with residents and held a meeting.

At the meeting, people complained that those who have adopted children, limit in square meters. It appeared now regulations do not regulate this issue, but Putin has promised the government will correct ruling. “These children are not taken off the waiting list for housing at the age of 18 and will add a social norm in obtaining housing,” – he said.

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If necessary, they will be highlighted and new media. “Also required somewhere 200 million rubles, a little more, the Ministry of Finance is ready for this,” – said the president.

One entrepreneur complained that he had lost in the fire of a sawmill, and asked whether he relied compensation . “Yes, the money is provided. The decision on granting subsidies to the budget of Trans-Baikal Territory and Khakassia, in Khakassia – 64 million rubles for the payment of subsidies to small and medium-sized businesses affected by the emergency,” – cheered its president.

Then Putin arrived residents of another village, Beybuluk where things were really, they say, bad. “The village was burned, nothing is built, nobody comes,” – cried a woman.

No one will be left without shelter, calmed her head of the region Viktor Zimin, adding that the builders have already come to this village.

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But the president decided yet to discuss the matter with him more.

“There were residents who all are happy – as there is a recovery and promptly compensated,” – he told reporters afterwards presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

“There were those who complained that their settlements construction work has not yet begun,” – said the representative of the Kremlin.

The President instructed the head of Khakassia urgent visit all the villages and find out why is delay.

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The village of Ust-Bures, where the president arrived, is 122 km from Abakan. There’s a man living in 2083, only 712 households.

The fire destroyed 72 homes in the village, all the victims – 220 people, including 35 children. The construction of 32 houses.

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