Monday, June 15, 2015

He died a famous Russian singer Zhanna Friske – First Channel

Since 2013, Zhanna Friske struggled with a terrible disease, which failed to win – she had brain cancer. Condolences and words of support to the families and friends of the singer on their pages in social networks have placed actors, musicians and entertainers. One of the first to respond to each producer and singer Maxim Fadeev and her bandmates “Brilliant.”

Bright, beautiful, cheerful, for the first time on stage Zhanna Friske appeared in 1996 as part of the “Brilliant.” The producer saw 22-year-old journalism student at the club on the dance floor and offered to enter into a collective. With the “brilliant” Joan has traveled all over the country. And then he made a brilliant solo career.

Over the incredible performance of her colleagues called Steadfast Tin Soldier. She loved life, loved to experiment with living on a desert island, skate in the “Ice Age”, performed under the dome of the circus with the stars, she starred in “Night” and “Day Watch” and other films.

In April 2013, the singer and her common law husband, a son, Dmitry Shepelev Plato. Jeanne stopped appearing in public. All were convinced that she is enjoying motherhood. But she struggled with serious illness. Zhanna Friske July 8 would be executed 41 years old.

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