Monday, June 22, 2015

Festival “Cuba” will be held in Riga, instead of Kaliningrad – Kommersant

On Monday, it became known that the International Music Festival “Cuba”, the abolition of which was reported last week the government of the Kaliningrad region, will take place in Riga. Dates of the festival remains the same – 6-9 August. The agreement to hold a musical event reached between the producer of “Cuba” Ilya Ostrovsky, and the mayor of Riga Nil Ushakov. The exact coordinates of the “cube” sound is now as follows: Riga, Lucavsala island.

Tickets purchased at the festival in the town of Amber, will be valid in Riga. Ilya Ostrovsky also promised faithful “kubanoidam” bonus system for those who have purchased tickets in advance and expected to go to Kaliningrad. Those who are not able to go to Latvia, the cost of tickets will be refunded.

List headliners “Cuba” as a whole remained unchanged. Still advertised part Zemfira group “Leningrad” and “Bravo”, as well as the most high-profile foreign guests – HIM, Panic! At The Disco, Hollywood Undead, Enter Shikari, and others. No change plans remain Lev Leshchenko, who along with his colleague on the old pop Guard Valery Leontiev supported “Kuban” in a difficult moment. Organizers of the “cube” also does not want to leave at all without the “sweet” Kaliningrad residents. Some of the participants of the festival there will club concerts.

Along with the sad news that for such an extraordinary event had no place in Russia, drew attention the fact that otvyaznyh “Cuba” actually replace the annual meeting of the pop artists of the former USSR “New Wave”, which is held annually in Jurmala. Last year, it became clear that to carry out the “New Wave” in Latvia is impossible in a situation where the authorities make lists of unwanted entry of Russian artists. This year’s “New Wave” will be held in Sochi. A Russian musicians riding on “Kuban” is likely to be tested for reliability in the European sense.

It is also interesting that in Latvia there is a major festival for a long time the European level – Positivus. It will be held from 17 to 19 August at the opposite end of the country – in Salacgriva. The headline stated, among other Robert Plant, canceled his visit to Russia last year. The program of the Positivus no Russian musicians as such. So if “Cuba” entrenched in Riga Festival could become a counterweight to Positivus, targeting young Russian-speaking audience.

Boris Barabanov


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