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TV awards “Immortal regiment” – BBC

«Immortal regiment”, “Luntik” Dmitry Kiselev and “The Voice” – the First Studio “Ostankino” was held award ceremony Taffy, which summed up the TV season 2014-2015, but identify a clear leader and failed.

Television Award “Taffy” has a long history, but even now still trying to find its own format. Since 2014 the rights to the brand moved from the “Russian Television Academy” (ART) to the leading domestic telekorporatsiyami formed “Committee of industrial awards,” changed the rules for determining the winners, as well as conditions for the formation of the jury – and yet they seem to be good enough for everyone. But like any premium on Taffy-2015, there are those who have received awards – and those who did not get them.

Live Day

In this big category winner was unambiguous and somewhat unexpected. Just four Taffy (out of four) received a TV channel “Culture”. Information and educational program “observer”, which starts broadcasting channel won the nomination “daytime talk show” Talk with cultural works of art “White Studio” was the best among educational programs, and the announcement of the Tchaikovsky Competition won “ethereal promotion “.

Another prize of the “Culture” section with the studio “Mill” – for “Luntik”, which became the best program for children.

The second number received Taffy proved NTV – he won the nomination “Man and Law” (issue of “Golden Hands” from “The investigation is conducted …” Leonid Kanev), “TV game” (“Jeopardy”), as well as the “telenovela” (serial film “Return of Mukhtar”).

The division of one into two categories Taffy quite formal, and, for example, “Day airwaves” are sitcoms – which won “Fizruk” with Dmitry Nagiyev as brutal a secondary school teacher.

Among the earliest time-display gear won “Good morning” (First Channel), but turned out to be the best host Anastasia and Vladislav Zavyalov Chernobrovina of “Morning of Russia” (“Russia-1»).

Evening prime

In this category “Culture” was not, and almost all the prizes divided between the transfer of the First Channel and the “Russia-1″.

The two main categories of information superiority appeared in “Russia 1″: become the best program “Vesti Nedeli” Dmitry Kiselev, and Maria Sittel and Andrei Kondrashov Taffy received for “conduct 20:00 ».

Reportage Award feeds Share – winners were Alexey Zotov (” Children’s Hospice “at first) and Alexander and Dmitry Rogatkin Rogalev for a series of reports from the Donbass. But the award for the evening talk shows took it first – this nomination won the program “Tonight.”

The first channel was out among the competition and entertainment.

The prize for musical show “The Voice”, which successfully survived for three season and this fall is going to start the fourth, and its founder Yuri Aksyuta was the best among the producers.

Ivan Urgant again learn the prize as the leading “Evening Urgant” won in the nomination “the leading entertainment show” at the three competitors. Defeated in the appropriate category and the first documentary project, “Brodsky is not a poet,” featured the 75th anniversary of the Nobel laureate.

Among the going prime-time TV series Taffy sympathies were on the side “Catherine» –

story of a young German princess, who came in Russia to become its empress. Besides the actual prize award went to serial and Julia AUG – played the role of the Empress Elizabeth.

Actors nominated posthumously received Bohdan Stupka – for his role in the TV series “Once in Rostov».

Main Event

The choice of the three main events of the past TV season shortlisted Taffy-2015 was amazing: the jury brought together the film “Crimea: Road to the Motherland”, prepared for the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea to Russia, action “Immortal regiment”, which took place on May 9 in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory and the TV competition “Dancing.”

Chances “Dance”, of course, was not, well, the jury’s choice between the Crimea and the victory was quite predictable. The winner, of course, “Immortal regiment».

This action is already three years old, it came up in Tomsk; this procession with portraits of ordinary people who fought in the Great Patriotic relatives. it gradually spread throughout the country, and this year – in connection with the anniversary of the Victory, has become a very massive, making 9 May present a truly national holiday.

This award not received any channel – although broadcasters shortlisted Taffy appear first, “Russia 1″ and the TV Center. Mikhail Shvydkoi noted that the action does not belong to the channel – they are only a reflection of what happened, and this was the winner of the people. He received the award actor Vasily Lanovoi, one of the “persons”, “Immortal regiment,” and looked it Taffy a symbol of reconciliation.


This year’s “Taffy” has arranged a one-day marathon – Awards and the daily air and for “Evening prime” were awarded with a difference of a few hours in the very first studio “Ostankino”, a year ago. At a press conference before the announcement of the short list organizers explained this budget cuts premiums almost doubled. The desire to save explained his decision to go on stage and Shvydkoi, who became a leading both ceremonies. It should be noted that it went “Taffy” benefit – more chaotic and pompous presentation of the main domestic telenagrad that was last year, replacing the chamber and almost certainly live show.

During the ceremony confused Shvydkoi made twice.

For the first time – when he lost an envelope with the name of the winner in the nomination “Leading the morning program “. This lack of organization immediately took advantage of the three leading program “Morning on the 5″ Fifth Channel Felix Nevelev Darya Aleksandrova and Kirill Pishchalnikov (who also claimed the award). They quickly rushed to the scene, declared themselves winners, congratulated himself well – and it did so cheerfully, that only a few minutes later Shvydkoi, seems to be somewhat shocked occurred, forced “Colleagues, this is not funny.” And ran backstage to look for the lost envelope. The second time the master has entered into a stupor Gennady Khazanov, who told the scene is not quite decent anecdote – but the enthusiasm of the hall was so full that he was the winner of several lost, the humorist who declared it.

Shvydkoi general has become a real symbol of the continuity of the traditions of “Taffy”. He led the ART in the most difficult years, it is now agreed to become not only a master of ceremonies, but also the founding president of the board of the “Committee of industrial awards.” Shvydkoi consent to join the new “Taffy” actually made her old, the one that was given to the mid-90s, experienced a refusal to participate the main players in the domestic TV market and nearly completed his story a couple of years ago.


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