Friday, February 26, 2016

Putin reminded the FSB on the revitalization of “enemies of the hill” – the Russian newspaper

At the annual board FSB President summed up the year and set new tasks for the security services. Russia just launched a military operation in Syria: the underground groups were preparing to attack our country. Foreign intelligence is particularly active now, and “enemies over the hill” are preparing for the fall elections to the State Duma. It is necessary to prevent any attempts of external interference in our political life, demanded that the head of state. It is also important “to protect against thieves” state funds.

Mr Putin thanked all employees for competent actions to ensure the safe and stable development of Russia. Including those who are working through the military counter-intelligence, provides the action of military pilots in Syria, as well as anti-terrorist units operating in the country

The goal of the Joint Statement of the US and Russia on Syria -. Give an impetus to the settlement of the conflict, and by political means. It is necessary to create the conditions for a process that, according to the president, would be difficult and controversial. “But no other way but to yield to a peaceful settlement, there is no”, – said Vladimir Putin. According to him, “it is necessary to create conditions for an early end to the bloodshed, and thereafter for full vnutrisiriyskogo dialogue with all constructive political forces”

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Information from Syrian groups that they are ready to stop the fire from tomorrow, has already arrived. The head of state reminded that the truce starts tomorrow, February 27, at the same time to Daishev (the Arabic name of the banned groups in the Russian Federation “LIH”) Dzhabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations, defined as such the UN Security Council, it is not true. “A determined struggle against them will continue,” – he stressed. Moscow hopes that Washington adhere to this point of view

“It is important to securely close the Russian territory from penetration of militants from the Middle East and other regions”, -. President set a task. It is necessary to quickly calculate all those involved in such activities

“We just started fighting in Syria”, -. Putin stressed. “Thanks to your efforts suppressed the activity of the underground groups and factions that were ready to strike our country,” – he said to the security officers and called to work in this way and on. In particular it concerns the identification of those involved in the recruitment and proliferation of extremist ideology

Another problem -. To tighten control over the flow of refugees. The crisis originated with them long before the Russian operation in Syria, the president recalled. The reason for it – the destabilization of entire regions of the world. So, on the border with Macedonia in general -. Refugees from Afghanistan, not from Syria

It is also important to develop cooperation with foreign partners, primarily through the UN, the SCO and CSTO. Including the use of new forms of cooperation. “The interest of foreign security agencies in cooperation grows,” – the head of state appreciated

The big problem facing the counterintelligence.. “Foreign intelligence services are increasing their activities in Russia”, – Putin said. Last year, it suppressed the activity of more than 400 staff employees and agents, 23 of them brought to justice. The Head of State also urged to block access to confidential information through communication channels

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in the autumn – the election to the State Duma, the president continued. They should be in the spirit of fair and open competition. The task of the FSB and other agencies – to stop the actions of those who try, or may try to use nationalist and xenophobic slogans, as well as any outside attempts to interfere in our political life, Putin ordered. “This is a direct threat to our sovereignty and we will be on it to respond appropriately,” -. Are preparing for these elections

Another problem, he warned, adding that unfortunately, “our enemies over the hill” – to ensure economic security. For 2015 was suppressed the activity of 98 groups, 2,200 people were convicted for economic crimes. President urged to speed up work, to focus on the fight against corruption, theft – primarily at the state program of armaments and in the field of defense procurement. “Huge resources are allocated to ensure the defense capability,” – he recalled. And they must be properly “protected against thieves”.

There are achievements in the field of information security. Last year it was recorded more than 24 million cyber attacks on official websites and information systems authorities, prevented the functioning of more than 1.6 thousands of Internet sites, activities that are detrimental to the security of our country, and Putin instructed to strengthen the level of security of information and communication resources, “before all those that are used for defense and national security, law enforcement stable operation of the economic and financial system “.

the government will continue to do everything possible to ensure that the social status of the FSB. There is a growing amount of the fund service housing. “Special care and attention should be surrounded by military families, we have lost the line of duty,” – he said the president

The head of the Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov, began his report with a declaration of “strengthening the political, economic, military and information. pressure on our country. ” Then the board meeting was closed to the press.

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