Saturday, February 27, 2016

Emergency Situations Ministry warned of the threat of a second explosion at the “Severnaya” mine in Vorkuta – Sight

The mine “North” in Vorkuta there is a threat of a second explosion, the press service of the EMERCOM of Russia.

«Analysis of the composition of the mine atmosphere indicates the existence of a developed underground fire at emergency section. According to experts, there is a repeated threat of explosion “, – RIA” Novosti “agency.

In the field, we found numerous fire hazards, accompanied by excessive smoke, impenetrable blockages and damage to mining equipment. “In addition, the mine high temperature (over 40 degrees), the increased concentration of methane that occurs due to the air flow reduction. Periodic outbreaks of methane-air mixture, “- said in the MOE.

However, the number of units involved in search and rescue operations at the mine increased – from five to seven. “Ongoing re-examination of damaged sections, which may be the miners – in the places to which they have access rescuers”, – the Ministry for Emergencies.

Rescuers carry out the reconstruction of the mine life support systems – electricity, sanitation, ventilation, communications.

«Also, preparatory works for the construction of explosion-proof construction. Continued delivery of necessary technological and other equipment, material and technical means “, – said in the MOE.

According to the ministry, is scheduled Saturday delivery rail 60 tons of concrete and other supplies for emergency. To the place arrive experts “Centrospas” and Center “Leader” EMERCOM of Russia with robotehnicheskimi complexes.

During the day on Thursday at the mine “North” at a depth of 780 meters there was a sudden surge of methane and two explosions caused caving. For blockages fire.

At the time of the accident under the ground were 110 people. In the first few hours managed to bring to the surface 80 miners, eight of which required medical treatment, four of them were hospitalized.

Due to the state of emergency came to Vorkuta Russian Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov. He said that the work of the emergency mine suspended for a long time, and demanded that the mine management to resolve the issues of employees, so that they are not left without a job.

The investigative bodies of Komi in fact the incident a criminal case on grounds of crime under part 3 st.216 Criminal Code (violation of safety rules during mining, construction or other works, resulting in the death of two or more persons).

So far, the fate of 26 miners is unknown, four people were killed.

On behalf of the head of the Russian IC in the Komi sent investigators and criminologists of the central apparatus of agency, with experience in the investigation of such incidents.

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to set up a commission to investigate the causes and elimination of the consequences of the tragedy at the mine “Severnaya” in Vorkuta, discussed assistance to families of the victims.


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