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Film Premiere

In the Russian rolling out an American film with florid title “Pride and prejudice and zombies,” in which a role model of generations of Elizabeth Bennet appears not only passionate ingenue, but Shaolin warrior. How to make a classic story of love, taking a co-author Jane Austen, the zombie horror, Elena learned KRAVTSUN.

What can the novel Jane Austen’s best reading matter not only for the delicate girls, but also for other target audience? Writer, screenwriter and producer Seth Grahame-Smith decided that the invasion of zombies fit perfectly, and has not lost. Books by Graham Smith in the manner of “mashup” (characterized by the introduction of the classical fundamental principle of their characters and speculation) have become standard. In fact, the novel “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” released in 2009, from a sample of the pen in a new genre has grown into a real sensation, was translated into more than 20 languages ​​and turned out to be a reason for entering a new term for the whole area. Grahame-Smith also managed to cope with the literary history of Abraham Lincoln, by adding to it the taste of blood. Three years ago she was filmed, the director then gave Timur Bekmambetov, producer – Tim Burton, and the film was called “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”. Now came the turn of Bennet family in the company of zombies to remind myself.

In the film directed by Burr Steers Bennet sisters are not clean silverware and dueling pistols, which, together with daggers worn in lacy garters under their dresses with a plunging neckline and high waist strongly. They live in the Longbourn estate, famous for all the Hertfordshire picturesque surroundings. Just the thing – literally from every idyllic scenery here climb “living dead.” Father takes the story of the sisters of the world fall under the yoke of a zombie tale for the night: around London even built a wall to protect themselves from the deadly creatures, and dug a deep ditch. Aristocrats are now go to learn not to Oxford or Cambridge, and Japan – to learn martial arts and the spirit of temper. Who is easier, as the Bennet sisters such as those sent to China and become followers of Buddhist Shaolin techniques. Mr. Darcy (Sam Riley), a new reality – the gloomy colonel in an elegant leather coat, juggling alien brains are not in a figurative sense. Nevertheless, in a world where any ball as the last bastion of gentility can turn into a spectacular bloodletting, young ladies remain in need of love. How wisely says one of the characters, “zombies are not zombies, but the girls need to get married,” and it’s hard to argue with any problem because you can learn how to live.

Elizabeth Bennet was instead scheduled to Natalie Portman plays a fundamental Briton Lily James, who is no stranger to portraying educated young lady. Its track record – the title role in Disney’s “Cinderella,” Lady Rose McClair Eldridge in the TV series “Downton Abbey” and Natasha Rostova in a very fresh BBC miniseries “War and Peace”. Her defiant look like a career (from the action-fantasy to the Russian classics), a striking resemblance to Keira Knightley, which played Elizabeth in perhaps the best to date, the film adaptation of the classic novel ostenovskogo in director Joe Wright. Acting talent James in new film appears not too much, but the “breasts rise and rdeyut cheeks” – to take at least a scene explaining to Mr. Darcy, taken with mock seriousness worthy pornorolika “Explosive attack”.

Directed by Burr Steers, who shot once lightest comedy ( “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, an episode of “Sex and the City”), this time, apparently, tried to get out out of your comfort zone, but some places still happen even very funny. Not least because of Matt Smith, delicately played the role of a priest Collins to propose to Elizabeth. Smith, known for his role as a doctor in the BBC series “Doctor Who” and preparing to enter into the image of the infamous photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in a new biopic, enriched this type of rural suck-up, trying flattery and hypocrisy win a place under the sun, new colors hilarious British humor. It is obvious that the creators wanted to “marry” a comedy melodrama with zombies, horror. When the characters do not knead another walking dead, the film returns to the rails costumed paintings in the spirit of the BBC with perfect English meadow. Scenes of innuendo and flirtation, no matter how trying to look serious, anyway turn out stilted parody – without laughter is a movie you can not accept, but the dead could be terrible – zombie apocalypse, after all. Perhaps the filmmakers will take into account this point, and the next film adaptation mashup tome on Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters” will be truly frightening.


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