Sunday, February 28, 2016

In Hollywood, he was awarded “Razzie” for worst film of the year – BBC Russian

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Image caption Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan starred in the movie “50 shades of gray “

In Los Angeles, announced the winners of the prize” Golden raspberry “. The worst films of the year recognized by “50 shades of gray” and “Fantastic Four”.

Leading actors in the film “50 shades of gray” Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson won in the category “Worst Actor” and “Worst Actress”, respectively and became the worst acting duo. In addition, the “Golden Raspberry” went to Kelly Marcel for the screenplay for the film.

Eddie Redmayne was recognized as the worst performer of the role of the second plan, and just a year ago, he also received an Oscar for the performance of the best male role.

Image copyright AFP
Image caption British actor Eddie Redmayne received the dubious award for his role in the film” Jupiter Ascending “

He received this dubious prize for taking part in a fantastic action movie” Jupiter Ascending “, filmed Lana Wachowski and Andrew, who has received very low ratings of critics and flopped at the box office.

The new launch of the franchise, “Fantastic four” did not bring success to director Josh Trank. It is recognized as the worst director of last year, and the film – the worst remake of

Humorous ceremony of the contest “Golden Raspberry” is traditionally carried out in Los Angeles the day before the main awards ceremony Oscar

<.. p> the organizers ridicule nominees, which are chosen by voting of the public, arranging comic scenes

at this time, in the hall was attended by actor portraying Donald Trump.; his appearance reminded that Trump, seeking approval for a presidential candidate from the Republican Party itself in 1990 received a “Razzie” for his role in the film “Ghosts powerless”, where he played himself.

audience always waiting for the ceremony will come the actors themselves to get the dubious prize, but this has not happened since 2010, when Sandra Bullock was at the ceremony and received the “Golden raspberry” personally.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption The film “50 shades of gray” It based on the erotic novel EL James (right)

The founder of the competition “Golden Raspberry” John Wilson was delighted with how terrible were this year’s nominees.

Talking about the film “Jupiter Ascending” he said in an interview with BBC BBC: “it’s a crazy movie, and its central mad scene – is when Eddie Redmayne becomes emperor of the universe of the five nominated films.” Jupiter Ascending “is certainly the worst” .


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