Monday, February 29, 2016

Cry out for the whole family Leo: DiCaprio fans celebrating victory – BBC News

Ceremony “Oscar” this year was marked by a long-awaited victory for Leonardo DiCaprio. Film Academy has finally recognized the merits of the actor in front of Hollywood: DiCaprio named best actor for his role in “Survivor” film. His fans could breathe easy

For DiCaprio experienced fans around the world, as well as colleagues. And who are worried more – one more question. For example, a colleague and a friend of the actor Kate Winslet burst into tears right in the auditorium to hear that her partner in the film “Titanic” has finally won the award.

The very Kate was nominated for “Oscar” for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film “Steve Jobs”, but the statue has never received. However, it was her did not seem particularly upset. Joy for DiCaprio, whom Winslet ever since the “Titanic” strong friendship ties, overpowered. Photos touching moment placed in his “Twitter” ABC company.

The audience seems to feel about the same feelings.

Meanwhile, since the release of rental “Titanic” has passed 18 years. Residents of “Twitter” compared the pictures of those times with the photos with “Oscar-2016″. “Lord, Kate and Leo suited my parents!” – I wrote one of the users



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