Sunday, February 28, 2016

Waiting for the “Oscar” in the US, presented the award “Independent Spirit” – BBC Russian

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Image caption “Independent spirit” is traditionally awarded on the eve of the ceremony “Oscar

“focus” – a film directed by Thomas McCarthy of journalistic investigation of cases of pedophilia in the Catholic church in Boston won the “Independent spirit” (Independent spirit Awards), which awarded motion picture, whose budget does not exceed $ 5 million

The film tells the story of journalists Boston Globe newspaper, which expose numerous cases of pedophilia among Catholic priests in the United States;. this story is based on real facts and created a sensation in the world.

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Image caption British Idris Elba was the first to appear on American television

British actor Idris Elba won the award for best Supporting actor in the film “Rootless beasts” ( Beasts of No Nation).

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Actor Abraham Atta, made its debut in the same film won the award for best Actor role.

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Image caption The winner in the category for best Actress Brie Larson critics promise “Oscar”

Award “Independent spirit” handed Brie Larson, awarding it ” best Actress “in the film” Room “.

Critics have not ruled out that Brie Larson can give for best Actress, and” Oscar. “

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Awards – “Golden raspberry” and “Independent spirit” is traditionally awarded on the eve of the main ceremony of “Oscars”

this year, the prize value of “Independent spirit” has increased markedly against the background of the ongoing debate on what the lack of ethnic diversity among Hollywood artists.


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