Wednesday, February 24, 2016

At the premiere of the film Zelensky police arrived in Moscow, the actor himself did not appear – TVNZ

“Vladimir Zelensky – Ukrainian bloody buffoon”, “Zelensky – sponsor of the killing of children Donbass “: these posters greeted the first spectators of the new comedy “8 ​​best meeting” brought back to Moscow showman-Russophobe.

right in front of the entrance, wrapped in the flag New Russia , was known activist of the National front Maria Katasonova

-. Even if the film of the sponsor of ATU show today and in the future, we will not stop the protests – the girl said. – People need to know what their money will be used later.

For couple hours before this scandalous party press secretary of the leader of “95 quarters” he told reporters that Vladimir Zelensky wait do not have to – on its own prime minister, he did not appear, although the presence of the leading actor was promised

” Vladimir Zelensky – Ukrainian bloody buffoon “,” Zelensky – sponsor kills Donbass children “: these posters greeted the first spectators of the new comedy Photo: Mikhail Frolov

So there were no zakidyvaniya eggs

-. He’s not suicidal, – told the crowd about the cowardly refusal ukrainseogo showman arrive in Moscow

The first audience of the new comedy “8 ​​best meeting” met posters against Zelensky Photo: Peter Simon

But the police outfit just in case, was on duty at the entrance to the cinema “October”

-. Yes, the first time we were called to maintain order at the premiere of the film – admitted to us the employee. -. After all, before a political resonance around the movie and did not happen

Inside the theater, too, stepped up security as never before

Maybe that’s why the red carpet premiere of the comedy was virtually empty.? Guest stars for the most part either do not come, or hiding from journalists. As an example, ex-soloist of “VIA Gra” and civil wife Valeria Meladze Albina Dzhanabaeva with the son. Is that Evelyn Bledans held on the red carpet to showcase his new sheepskin coat. And the beautiful actress Agnes Ditkovskite very modest black toilet. Even Arkady Ukupnik.

However, the favorite of the Russian public faith Brezhnev could come. But in addition to photography, singer and performer starring in the film she allowed herself a few autographs – and any comments about politics

The favorite. Russian public Vera Brezhnev to come to the premiere was able to

arrived and her husband Konstantin Meladze

-. I came to see that his wife was doing there, why she was not at home, – said the famous producer

-. What do you think about lined up pickets against the film around the theater -? said, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”

. – I think a lot of things, but did not want to spoil the mood and atmosphere of the festival

-. Therefore, Zelensky not come

-? I do not know, maybe.

Meanwhile, not almost no one became a touch controversial subjects around the picture

Russian director “Dating” Marius Weisberg still answered the burning question about the protests:.

– all this is strange to me. Why art mixed with politics? – Said the director of the question that the call to boycott his films. – That was two years ago

Seen at the premiere and another hero of the sensational picture, known to the Russian audience the film “the Generation P” Vladimir Epifantsev .. Other actors comedy, find themselves at the premiere, most viewers are unknown.

Well, despite the efforts of activists and MPs, the event failed to disrupt. Let’s see what will be rolling the fate of the painting.


Russian distributors is good to ask not to show the movie Zelensky

Perhaps out of habit, inertia former KVNschik unlucky in Russian his new comedy? Indeed, in the previous two times, Vladimir Zelensky and the company (this is the third kinoseriya comedy) was able to collect a good box office, stay in the black for a few million dollars for rental in our country (details)


Actor Zelensky going to earn more money for the “fighters ATO”

Alexander Grishin

We celebrated on February 23 and will not have time to blink an eye, as it will be necessary to meet the 8th of March. And there is little that the gifts, flowers and all sorts of different, is not it also the romance of some kind is necessary to create your favorite girl or woman. Russian distributors, not taught by past experience, we have prepared the next prime minister – now director Marius Weisberg (who is also one of the producers) with Vera Brezhnev and Vladimir Zelensky in the lead roles. Already the third picture on about the same subject line – “top 8 meeting” (Details)


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