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What is the secret of Leonardo DiCaprio? – BBC Russian

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Image caption In the painting “Total eclipse” Leonardo DiCaprio played the poet Arthur Rimbaud

long-awaited victory Leonardo DiCaprio, received the “Oscar” for the starring role in “Survivor”, preceded by a long and bright acting career, marked not only unsuccessful nominations, but heated debate.

it would seem that after so many years of work in Hollywood is known about it all. However, the actor remains a mystery.

More than 20 years ago, the Polish director Agnieszka Holland was able to learn the actor’s close on the set of her paintings “Total Eclipse” based on the play by Christopher Hampton about French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine .

According to her, it was already clear that DiCaprio was a born artist, instinctive sense of the nuances of acting on the big screen.

fearlessness choosing roles

The story takes place in France in the XIX century, Verlaine obsessed with Rimbaud, who is younger than him by ten years. In their dramatic relationship was everything. Emotional dependency, literary ambitions, immoderate libations absinthe and sex

Image copyright AP
Image caption “Titanic” film made Leonardo DiCaprio a world star

it was assumed that the role of Rimbaud play an extremely talented young American actor River Phoenix, but the teen idol, died at age 23 from a drug overdose.

recalls the director Agnieszka Holland, she wanted to Rimbaud played DiCaprio.

“Leonardo has always been fearless in choosing roles, – she said. – It was interesting to go unexplored paths and discover new His father George, who had a huge influence on Leonardo, was very fond of Arthur Rimbaud “

.”. He even was the editor of a book about absinthe, which was popular in the literary circles of Paris. George could not even occurred to his son give up this role, “- continues the director

According to her, she went to the bookstore and found there a T-shirt with the image of Rimbaud young poet looked just like.. DiCaprio. Agnieszka Holland sent agent shirt artist, so began their joint creative work.

himself the subject of the film – the relationship between the two poets, as well as the sex scenes between Rimbaud and Verlaine, played by British actor David Thewlis, were not particularly suitable for Leonardo, rising idol of American teenagers.

Full transformation

“Leonardo was then about 19 years old. But he has not made me a beginner experience – says the director of Holland. – Even then, he was one of the most mature artists from those with whom I have worked. The fact that he is still very young, we remembered, when they saw him in the breaks between filming: for example, he could fool around and be capricious about what he ordered for lunch or dinner, or for other reasons “


Image copyright PA
Image caption in his youth Leonardo was considered a teen idol, but the actor was closely into this framework

” but I saw him play in the film “this Boy’s Life” with Robert de Niro or in the film “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” (both films filmed in 1993). He was obviously very talented. After the death of River Phoenix Leonardo was the most surprising of all the young actors of his generation. Without it, I was not able to stay in his film, “- says Agnieszka Holland

.” At the very beginning of the film Rambo 16 years, and I had to have the audience did not arise in this question. Leonardo perfectly succeeded, but at the same time he was mature beyond his years. I did not look his own film for a long time, but has recently shown it to his students and was again impressed with his game. I think this is one of his best roles – the director says. – Today, stories about gay men are becoming more popular. But while such a role to play in the boy from California was not easy. David Thewlis, who played Verlaine, largely helped by Leonardo “.

” From conversations with Leonardo, I realized that he had an incredibly deep emotional imagination. It becomes a kind of bridge, a medium through which the soul of the character is infused into his body, “- says the director

Agnieszka Holland says that DiCaprio has never been a supporter of the classic American approach to the art of acting -. Based method on the use of personal feelings and experience of the artist in the creation of the character’s inner world.

“Leonardo has a reception which is mysterious for anyone who was watching him from the side, even for the director. As soon begins to work the camera, in front of us is not Leonardo, but a completely different person – a character in which he is completely reincarnated “, – shares his observations Holland

mature personality

Stacey Wilson Hunt writes about Hollywood for the American weekly New York Magazine. in her view, the award of Leonardo Di “Oscar” Caprio Award for best Actor is connected not only with his performance in the film “Survivor”.

Image copyright Columbia Pictures
Image caption The film” Django Unchained “(2012), Leonardo DiCaprio (pictured with Jamie Foxx) has played an anti-hero, the direct opposite of his early characters

” This is a good movie, but Hollywood is not the first, it was thought that Leo has long been needed to get a great reward. no film with his participation was not dull or gray, which is not true of actors such as Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise or Will Smith Over the past ten years. In general, people like Leo, sympathy play a special role in Hollywood when it comes to who and what wins, “- says journalist

.” Leo – is a mystery, a mystery to people like them. He somehow manages to be quite a private person, in spite of a number of novels with supermodels. And he was also an activist, it is clear every time in recent years when he holds it in public – says Stacey Wilson Hunt. – And he does not do it for the sake of a witticism, Leo gave millions of dollars to charities that protect the environment “

According to the American journalist, in Leonardo bribes and that the world’s film business, he kept apart:.” last year I was one of the events organized by the Screen Actors Guild, where Leonardo was awarded the award for outstanding work in the humanitarian field. There were no TV cameras, maybe that’s why Leo was very open and relaxed. Many truly touched his speech in which he acknowledged that the parents – by the way, were in the hall – helped in the formation of his character media-landscape has-caption full-width “”

Image copyright Twentieth Century Fox
Image caption Leonardo DiCaprio, according to many, just have I have received “Oscar” for the main role in the film “Survivor”

“His parents were people of bohemia, which gave him the opportunity to find yourself. Immediately evident that they are very close to Leonardo – continues journalist. – Leo also learned to use the media for the benefit of charitable organizations it supports. Among his Hollywood friends – actor Mark Ruffalo, who is also known as an activist. Despite all this, Leonardo remains enigmatic personality. He or prefers something to keep in yourself, or become incredibly mature person “p>

h2 class =>. “- Not a snob

As the director Agnieszka Holland, even in 1990s, when there were shooting the film “Total eclipse”, she was confident that DiCaprio did not want to become a teen idol, but in front of him waiting for “Romeo and Juliet” and “Titanic”.

“Leonardo wanted to be brave. I know that he did not like being so childishly fragile, almost androgynous. I think that after “Titanic” he wanted to show everyone that he is – a serious actor, able to play large, significant role. But in “total eclipse”, and “Titanic” it is incredibly beautiful. Leonardo has a gift of making everything easy with humor and irony, even though this is not particularly reflected in the “Survivor”.

Image copyright TIMOTHY A. CLARY AFP
Image caption popular actor Leonardo DiCaprio has become the new UN peace envoy on climate change

How Agnieszka Holland explains that DiCaprio never “went off the rails,” as is often the case with some of his colleagues in Hollywood, too soon became famous and rich ?

“we shot” Total eclipse “in Paris, Brussels and Djibouti, but wherever we were going, it was clear that he stands firm on his feet, – says Agnieszka Holland. – He always remained true to his roots and devoted to his family. He respects people, not because they are known or are rich, but because of their human qualities. It is not “

.” Snob When someone endowed with a special talent, we can say that it is – God’s providence. Of course, all these years, he has worked hard to polish their skills. But if you look at the beginning of his career, even before the “total eclipse” talent manifested itself in him from the very first steps. “


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