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“Oscar” for Best Director goes to Alejandro Inarritu – REGNUM

Los Angeles, USA, February 29, 2016, 07:39 – REGNUM “Oscar” in the category “Best Director” has received Alejandro Inarritu , author of the picture « Survivor » . This was announced today during a live broadcast the 88th ceremony of “Oscar – 2016″. The theater Dolby in Los Angeles

In addition to the best direction, “Survivor” claimed “Oscar” as early as eleven nominations that in 2016 a record. Pictures and Iñárritu fought for “ Best Film”, “Best Actor” ( Leonardo DiCaprio ), «Best Actor” ( Tom Hardy ), «Best operator”, “Best costume Design”, “Best sound”, “Best Editing” and “Best sound editing”, “Best visual effects”, “The best make-up and hairstyles” and “Best Art Direction “.

Recall Leonardo DiCaprio four times has been nominated for” Oscar “, but so far it was never received.

but for director Alejandro Inarritu this is not the first award of the US Academy Award. In 2014 he became the owner of three “Oscar” for staging, producing and writing the script for the comedy-drama “The Birdman».

Learn the art of directing Iñárritu began as a producer of television shows and music programs. His feature debut was the 2000 film “Amores Perros”, which brought the novice director nomination for the prestigious film festivals and international fame.

Western thriller “Survivor” Inarritu filmed on the novel by Michael Panke . Events unfolding in the north-west of America at the beginning of the XIX century. Wounded-bear hunter Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) becomes the victim of treachery and forced to challenge the primitive nature, the harsh winter and the hostile tribes of Indians, in order to survive and take revenge.

Implementation of the project began in August 2001, but was spread over immense period due to the many changes of producers, actors and producers.

in the end, the producers of the film have become Arnon Milchan , Steve Golin , Alejandro Inarritu , Mary Parent and Keith Redmon . Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson and Will Poulter .

To date, the film has received more than 30 different awards, including three award “Golden globe” and “Oscar».

Nominees «Ockar 2016» were announced January 14. Total for the award in the category “Best Director” put forward five pictures, among them:

  • biographical drama “Spotlight” Thomas McCarthy;
  • biographical drama “Game a fall “of Adam McKay;
  • thriller” Mad Max: Road fury “by George Miller;
  • drama-Western” Survivor “Alejandro Inarritu;
  • drama” Room . “Leonard Abrahamson

Read and review of the film” room “: Punching the wall head, think about what you will do in the next room

«Oscar» – one of the oldest film awards that the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts presents every year in late February – early March. According to Academy rules, “Oscar” marked the most outstanding achievements in the field of cinema. The ceremony is broadcast in dozens of countries live.

«Oscar» The ceremony in 2016 was the comedian and actor Chris Rock , already once successfully proved himself in this role in the 2005- m. Recall that last year the lead played actor Neil Patrick Harris , played incomparable Barney Stinson in the TV series “How I Met Your Mother».

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