Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The creator of “The X-Files” has promised to remove the sequel – Interfax

Moscow. February 23. INTERFAX.RU – The creator of the series “The X-Files” (The X-Files), Chris Carter in an interview with The New York Times said that the audience can expect a continuation of the story of the investigation of paranormal phenomena agents “FBI Mulder and Scully

<. p> “I can tell you with almost one hundred percent guarantee to say that we will come back”, – said Carter <-! noindex -> interview <-! /> noindex ->, which came out after the show on the Fox channel sixth – and yet the final series of -. “The X-Files” As noted by The New York Times, the creators of shocked viewers open ending, so history fans demand explanations and, of course, continue

“I do not know how and when -. series belongs to channel Fox – but given what we have shown the ratings, I think “the X-Files,” will return in one form or another, “-. said Carter

he said that he spoke with the executive director of Fox Television Group Dana Walden and she said that the management of the channel would like to see continued. The only question is when it will happen, because the actors, directors and producers, there are other projects. However, Carter assured that all parties have a desire to shoot a new series

The tenth mini-season of “The X-Files” has shown excellent rating:. January 24 the first series in the US watched 16.2 million viewers (6.1 rating in the key category of viewers between 18 and 49 years). The strong performance is largely explained by the fact that the episode of “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle) came immediately after the match on the American football championship. In any case, this result was proved to be lower than expected, but were still pretty impressive to Fox the best in several years

Performance of the second series: 9.7 million viewers (3.2 rating)

While there is no data on the sixth series, but the fifth, despite competition from broadcast awards “Grammy”, showed good 9.9 million and a 3.3 rating in the 18-49 years category viewing.

Commenting on the open ending, Carter recalled that last season, “X-Files” always ended in this way, and it’s part of a strategy for the conservation of spectator interest.

Artist role of agent Mulder David Duchovny after the premiere of the latest series of tweeted “The truth is took a break”.


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