Sunday, February 21, 2016

Shopping center owners, “Pyramid” in Moscow started a voluntary demolition of unauthorized construction – the Russian newspaper

Demolition “King-stall” in the heart of the capital, located at the foot of the building, “known as the glass pyramid called Muscovites began

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In contrast to the 97 other objects unauthorized construction of 104, which it was decided to demolish the decision of the Moscow government, adopted on 8 December 2015 tore down forcibly by the city, this illegal construction demolishing itself the owner

“He appealed to the city authorities only help to disconnect utilities and ensure order during the demolition, so as not to hit pedestrians” -. said ” RG “head of the department of trade and services of Moscow Alexey Nemeryuk.- Therefore night around building fences were delivered, and in the morning at half past seven came heavy machinery to break the illegal construction”.

Just demolition began at 8.00. The work was organized well. Just six shovels bite into the wall of “Pyramid” building stuff loaded into trucks and taken him out of the city center. After a couple of hours, “King-stall”, are offered by the experts of 250 thousand dollars a month, was already in a dilapidated state. It seems that by the end of the day there was nothing left

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According to Alexei Nemeryuk given to them in the “Business breakfast” in “RG”, in the city there are still about 150 objects samostroya that continue to disfigure the historical image of Moscow. But they will be demolished only after the necessary expertise. Therefore, to wait once the second wave of demolitions is not necessary.

Perhaps their owners, after the owner of the “Pyramid” themselves demolished this mess that poisoned the city life for two decades, remaining as the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin said , a shameful legacy of the 90s?

Let me remind you, on the site of the demolished samostroya city authorities have decided not to build anything. Sobyanin ordered a temporary improvement, but by its end – to develop projects for improvement and align them with the Muscovites. By assumption, Alexei Nemeryuk in place, “Pyramid” will simply tubs with trees that adorn the recent years, the street Tverskaya and benches for rest walking.

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