Monday, February 15, 2016

Music New York 70th in Moscow cinema – Emergency Response Unit

On February 10, Moscow cinema hosted private pre-premiere screening of the first series of one of the most anticipated series of the year “Vinyl». In its creation participated directly Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger .

During the five days before the premiere of the series in Russia online service Amediateka pilot showed a fragment of «Vinyl» . The episode shows audiences in New York of the 1970s, a time in which one can not nostalgia. These are the years that gave the world the best musicians in the style of pop, hard rock, heavy metal, punk rock, soul, reggae and others. The series will reveal all the secrets of the music business during the birth of disco, hip-hop and punk.

1970 is considered to be a time of change and unlimited freedom in music. At this time, opened such stars of different genres of music as a David Bowie , ABBA , James Brown , a host of musical styles and genres. 1970 was a breakthrough for the music. On this and will tell the long-awaited series.

According to his story the main character (Bobby Cannavale) is keen to come up with your own kind of music, experiencing at the same time the crisis in family relationships and internal war. The end of his struggle with himself and family problems – can be traced back to the series after its release in theaters. The long-awaited series is replete with musical groups of the 1970s, as the leader of one of them played the son Mick Jagger -. James

On the day of the pre-show at “Moscow” cinema could watch many Russian stars – Nastasia Sambursky, Michael Idowu, Catherine Odintsov, Vladimir Yaglych, Tatiana Vedenev, Renata Piotrowski, Natalia Turovnikova, Alexander Ivanov, Janina Studilina, Xenia Knyazev, Christina Shapovalov and Sergei Voronov.

Premiere Amediateke and channel AMEDIA Premium will take place February 15 .




Mick Jagger

Martin Scorsese

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