Monday, January 5, 2015

Circus in Donetsk – St. Petersburg and the World

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In Donetsk will be 11 performances of the Russian circus. Each lasts 2.5 hours and them metropolitan artists invited parents with children – to spend the New Year holidays.

«We do not pay royalties to local artists and circus performers from Moscow to work for a very symbolic money,” – said the general director of the Donetsk circus Yuri Kukuzenko.

«In the evening, lumbers, of course. Sense of tension here. But it is remarkable that life goes on. It must continue, “- said Maxim Bondarenko and Vladimir Zaitsev, artists Rosgostsirk. Circus performers from Russia have already stated that in February, if favorable peaceful environment in Donetsk will come one more guest performers.

It is possible that even after the departure of Russian artists of the circus itself to continue to work.


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