Friday, January 2, 2015

Museums in Moscow working for free – RBC

The news for those who are already in the second day of vacation tired of sitting at home. Moscow museums to this day working for free. In the list of about 80 exhibition halls, mansions and apartments memorial. And in addition to permanent exhibitions, there are special programs.

So, the museum-panorama “The Battle of Borodino” invites visitors to get acquainted with military history and be in the midst of the Battle of Borodino – at the forefront of the Russian army.

shows and workshops for all tastes – these days and the museum-reserve “Tsarina”.

And in the exhibition center “Worker and Collective Farm Girl” – exposition of New Year and Christmas cards last year.

In the Museum of the History of the Gulag, you can learn how to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s, Soviet prisoners.

A at the Museum of Russian estate culture in Kuzminkah can plunge into the history of the nobility Christmas holidays end of the 18-19th centuries.

Various exhibition also await guests at the Museum of Archaeology of Moscow in the museum-estate Kuskovo in “The House on the waterfront.” Last year, during the Christmas holidays to visit the capital of the exhibition had more than half a million people.


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