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“Prince Caspian” Ben Barnes: Sergei Bodrov went boldly – Interlocutor

The star of “The Chronicles of Narnia” said Ben Barnes as he works on the set of the film “The Seventh Son” by Sergei Bodrov.

January 1 to cinema screens out the picture by Sergei Bodrov “Seventh Son”, based on the book English writer Joseph Delaney “Apprentice witch.” In the starring 33-year-old British actor Ben Barnes, best known for the films “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” We have learned from stars like him to work with the Russian director …

– How do you feel on set?

– Schedule was pretty gentle . We started shooting in a stunning national park, where our production designer built a beautiful country house. It was a bizarre farm in stunning surroundings. I had plenty of time to improve relations with Olivia Williams, who plays the mother – a small but very important role in this story. Second, a short piece we shot in the studio, where the final battle with Julianne Moore.

– You already had a similar experience in your previous films …

– At first I thought, “Well, another variation of fantasy. Interestingly, this film has swords, lightning and magical creatures? “They really present! And I probably would have worked in similar projects in terms of genre … But this story is based on a series of remarkable books, my character is much younger than me, and there is some hidden idea of ​​good and evil that is in each of us … It reminds me a little English folklore, but thanks to modern interpretations and special effects it is clear to people all over the world: with all these villains, ghosts and unusual scenes …

Our director Sergei Bodrov – very erudite man, a great lover of travel, his imagination and passion for storytelling. After all villains in the book – it’s just a description. If you’re ten years old and you are reading a book at night, this invisible force of evil that you imagine, it’s scary. Movie – not the same. It has no such power, there is nothing to conjecture.

«The main part of the script Sergei took out of his imagination»

Russian Look

For example, the heroine of the villain Julianne Moore – Mother Melkin – the book has the ability to possess the bodies of others, but in this film, she became an autonomous figure. We have seen a lot of movies in the fantasy genre, shot in recent years. But this story is fundamentally different from the others. It is … how shall I put it … a little old-fashioned.

– How do you work with Jeff Bridges (“The Big Lebowski,” “Tron: Legacy,” “Iron Man”)?

– Jeff plays quite coarse, straight and broken character Master Gregory. In the book he was still grumpy, but Bridges showed his character a little differently. You know, the actor – a legend. And I am very glad that in the last couple of years I have worked with several no less famous masters of cinema, my idols. I’ve done a couple of movies with Colin Firth. I also worked with Robert De Niro and Robin Williams. I found myself next to these incredible people, and it was so interesting to see how differently they work in the frame.

Jeff Bridges – very passionate and curious people. He immediately asked me some questions about personal and I felt a kind of intimacy with him, that was very helpful in their work. I think he’s a little magician, and I just sat there, staring at him and tried to absorb his experience like a sponge. I think the game with him – is the most important professional experience that I received in my life.

– Tell us about the other characters pictures.

– I like that all our heroes are ambiguous and no one is absolutely positive. While watching you to ask critical questions about the meaning of life, purpose … destined to the events that happen in our lives? Who are you and where are you going? Can you fight evil when no clue what it is. And whether you are able to experience true love or hate, if you love or hate someone to insanity? This is very useful questions, especially for young viewers.

A fragment of a movie poster


– The film is full of battle scenes. You practice martial arts before the shooting?

– When I was filming “Narnia”, I was asked if I could ride. I said, “Sure!” Then I was forced to ride a stallion down the mountainside, and I immediately regretted that the mention of my skills. At this time, I had enough time to prepare, and I started with a trainer three months before the start of filming. About a month I was training to fight with swords and with a wooden staff. Sometimes our fights more like choreography, the fascinating dance, but it is only decorated with paintings.

– As you are ready to work?

– I read two books by Joseph Delaney, before we started shooting. They turned out to be quite exciting, and today I read three of the series. The beauty of children’s literature that the reader grows along with the heroes of fairy tales.

– How do you work with Sergei Bodrov?

– Oh, he’s fine and generous man. I think this is the most important quality in a director. When we first met, I noticed that he had a strong accent and he says little. I’m a little tense, because during operation like to ask a lot of questions: that as a yes. But he gave us only the main direction, the main idea of ​​the film, providing plenty of room for creativity. It was a bold move. In addition, as a result of the work of the original book history is not much. The main part of the script Sergei took out of his imagination.


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