Sunday, January 4, 2015

The festival will take place Comedy Club in Russia – Express-News

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04.01 | 17:21

Humorous Forum «Comedy Club» will hold this year’s festival in Russia under the same name. This time its venue chosen mountains of Sochi. «Comedy Club» moves to the famous ski resort “Gorky Gorod” in Krasnaya Polyana.

«Since 2006, we visited many parts of the globe, have never choosing the venue for the festival of Russian resorts” – According to the organizers of this festival.

Representatives Comedy Club recognized that “were never in the snowy mountains”, and promise to make it a kind of unique.

The program of the festival will be 14 all sorts of competitions, games, discos. The festival will feature famous resident «Comedy Club» Garik Martirosyan, Pavel Volya, Garik Kharlamov “Bulldog”, Timur Batrutdinov.

In addition to these luminaries, the festival will bring together leading «Comedy Radio» and the best DJs Moscow. Well, patriotism «Comedy Club» finally be appreciated by spectators Russia.

Enchanting event is scheduled for the end of February, presumably February 21-28.

This news may be added that Sochi moves “club of millionaires.” There will be amateur competitions skiers and snowboarders that have passed in Courchevel.

In January, in Krasnaya Polyana will host the Winter Festival of KVN teams, which had previously been based in the coastal part of the resort.


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