Saturday, January 3, 2015

Panin captured Ukrainian nationalists – Dni.Ru

Actor Alexei Panin in Odessa captured Ukrainian nationalists. On the artist directly attacked during a meal at the restaurant.

Alexei Panin. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press

The unknown young men attacked a famous actor Alexei Panin at the restaurant “Fish” in Odessa and demanded an apology for the words he said half a year ago about the Crimea. This was announced on his Facebook page is one of the Ukrainian nationalists involved in the attack. To his record he attached a collage of photos, where a group of men surrounded the confused artist. Author of the post promised soon to publish an apology in Panin YouTube, as the actor to convey SBU . The main kicker Russian showbiz confirmed this information, but refused to disclose details of the incident, writes “Russian news service”.

In the summer of 2014 the actor posted a video where he is with the Russian tricolor in hand walks on the peninsula, hello Ukrainian President Peter Poroshenko and threatens him to reach Odessa . Cheerful, perhaps, as always, flushed with alcohol actor in fashionable sunglasses jumps from the car and waving flag triumphantly goes for a walk on the side of the road on a background of Crimean flying by machines. Panin apologized to the Crimean Tatars, with whom he had previously had conflicts, and even declared his love for the Crimean Tatar people.

“Hello, my name is Alex Panin, and I go to the Crimea! Just a year ago when I said that the Crimea – Russian, I was almost deported from Ukraine. Now everything has changed, and we go to the Crimea! While illiterate Ukrainian politics, I can not think of any way, except the Nazis, are going to hold a parade in Ukrainian Ukrainian Sevastopol We’re going to play in the Russian Crimea, in Russian Sevastopol, Yalta in Russian! I bring greetings to all the Crimean Tatars, I love you! And especially I want to turn to Mr. Poroshenko, do not relax, then we will go to Odessa! “- shouted Panin , throwing a flag over his head.


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