Friday, January 2, 2015

Bono could lose the opportunity to play the guitar – RBC

The leader of the group U2 Bono

Photo: REUTERS 2014

The leader of the group U2 Paul David Hewson, better known as Bono, afraid that he would never be able to take up the guitar after falling off his bicycle. It is reported by BBC BBC, citing the statement of the musician.

«As I write this, I do not know if I’ll ever play guitar again” – Bono wrote in reference to fans published on the official website. “I personally really miss [on guitar], fingering the frets of my green Irish Falcon Gretsch or my red. Just for fun, not for writing melodies “- Bono wrote.

« The last few weeks I was not able to move around physically. & Lt; … & gt; I find it difficult to concentrate, to be ready for the next round of U2 », – said the musician.

The musician broke his arm in six places and suffered multiple injuries when he fell off his bicycle. He was skating in Central Park in New York in November 2014. He broke his arm, shoulder blade and damaged eye. On the same day he underwent two surgeries. In the broken hand he inserted a titanium metal plate. On the bike he fell while trying to avoid a collision with another cyclist.

In a blog he published and an X-ray of his hand. “That [you] my titanium elbow for a laugh” – Bono wrote.


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