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Ben Barnes, “The Seventh Son”: “Girl, I seemed too mannered and boring» –

15:47, 2 January 2015

British actor Ben Barnes, starring fantasy Sergei Bodrov «The Seventh Son” , admitted that he does not believe in love at first sight.

– According to filmography, fantasy – one of your favorite genres. It’s so?

– No. I specifically did not take away the script. In the “seventh son” is defined for me was the participation of Jeff Bridges , which approved before anyone else. I love this actor! As a child, and now he was my idol.

– How was it working with the director Sergei Bodrov?

– Wonderful! We first met in Los Angeles. I had already read the book by Joseph Delaney “Apprentice witch” on which is based the screenplay. I thought it would help. But ended up with what we Sergei few hours just sitting, staring at the ocean and talked about the movie, about the life and fate. This is an amazing person! And his extraordinary films.

– What do you think fans will be pleased with the adaptation of a book?

– I hope so. But they are hard to please. When the first trailer, I decided to read the comments on the Internet. It was a bad idea. Usually I do a review of eminent critics on his paintings do not read. And then could not resist. Of course, there was nothing but indignation. “They all fuck up!”, “Why in the role of Tom, whom the book 12 years, starred adult man?” – And stuff like that. I have nothing against a different opinion, but first look at the film, and only then render a verdict.

– One of the “Seventh Son” – forbidden love. And your hero, and the hero Jeff Bridges in love with the witch …

– Opposites attract. In my youth I was constantly faced with the fact that the most beautiful girls like bad boys. I was for them too mannered and boring.

– A love at first sight do you believe?

– I find it hard to talk about love in this way. I grew up in a family therapists, my mom – known in the UK expert on marriage. This, of course, left its mark. Since childhood, I was taught that love in real life and in the film – two big differences. Love – is trust, respect, common goals and ideals, with the ability to laugh at the same jokes. It is unlikely that all of this can be understood at a glance.

– Now, it seems clear why girls find you boring. In 18 years of such things few people think.

– Exactly! In the “Seventh Son” is a wonderful scene. When the witch Alice first touches the hands of Tom, a burst of blue. And Alice explains that this phenomenon may be two reasons: it’s just dust on her hands or they are made for each other. In my opinion, this is a very beautiful metaphor of any relationship.

3 facts about the film:

1 . On the role of the witch Alice claimed Jennifer Lawrence, Diana Agron and Felicity Jones , but in the end she got a Swedish actress Alicia Vikander .

2. Filming took place in Los Angeles and Vancouver in the spring of 2012, but due to a conflict of several Hollywood studios rental has been delayed by almost a year.

3. Protagonist Tom Ward could play Alex Pettyfer, Shiloh Fernandez and Sam Claflin , but none of the actors did not like Sergei Bodrov.

See the movie “The Seventh Son “at the box office from 1 January.

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