Sunday, January 4, 2015

Moscow circus made in Donetsk – The Jewish Times

In Donetsk on tour came circus from the Russian capital. The first performances have already collected a lot of wishing to see the performance of circus. On the first of 11 scheduled performances in Donetsk came as local parents with children, and visitors from nearby settlements.

“Silent Mode” in Donetsk decided to use, as the time for the Christmas entertainment. It was so fun clowns, acrobats and athletes at a local circus, who works for the first time in the last eight months. Give joy to both adults and children come not only from Donetsk artists, but also invited from Moscow.

During the two and a half hours of people having a good time and enjoy the action and at the same time paying a symbolic scrip. As explained by the general director of the Donetsk circus Yuri Kukuzenko project more charitable than commercial. “We do not pay royalties to local artists and circus performers from Moscow to work for a very symbolic money,” – said the head of the circus.

See the presentation not only want to Donetsk residents, but residents of the area. Therefore, risking life and limb to come here tend to even out Yasinovataya. Even despite the lack of outdoor advertising (it simply has no money), that the circus began his work knows almost everyone.

circus already announce that in February, if there is a favorable environment of peace, the Donetsk will come one more guest performers.


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