Thursday, September 29, 2016

In Yekaterinburg showed a film about the Jock Sturges – Вести.Ru

After closing in Moscow exhibition of American photographer Jock Sturges is a master of the Nude — the passions about his work moved to the Urals. In Yekaterinburg showed a film about him, “Jock Sturges. Line of beauty and grace”. For educational purposes, while the view was attended by well-known urban critics. Without provocation, was not.

reporters, photographers, operators of such attention from the press center of photography in Yekaterinburg, have not yet won. The people at the doors of the building began to gather an hour before the show tapes about the Jock Sturges. On the eve of the activists promised by any legal means to prevent the release of “pedophile”. Given the sad experience of the Moscow colleagues, the curators of the centre, hastened to protect in advance.

Before the show, police officers appeared briefly at the door of the center, and then monitoring the outside continued plain-clothes officers. However, the provocation that everyone was waiting on the street, happened inside, right after the screening of the film “the Line of grace and beauty.” In this hour documentary Sturges and his models give an interview right on the set. In the frame of the photographer shares his secrets and young girls, including Nudes, talk about the nuances of working with infamous author.

After watching the film of a category “18+” audience was waiting for the discussion. But instead of the critics and culture experts from the beginning the floor was taken by Denis Poryadin. The audience, he introduced himself as a concerned citizen.

“that old pervert who seduces children, the sick women who surround him — the most terrible that it destroys the souls of children!” he said.

Further verbal sparring was a no-go, and police assistance was not required. Output troublemaker from the audience did not. On the contrary, to the claims Poryadin tried to answer many critics.

“I am completely against this kind of attacks on the exhibition, or, as here we heard when the person tries to immediately “crush” the entire discussion. And the discussion about the boundaries of the permissible in art, about is it art or not, about why now is such an exhibition show. This sort of thing, of course, must be discussed”, — convinced the photographic critic, lecturer Victoria Musvik.

despite the scandal, the organizers of the film screening was pleased with the intensity of the debate. The clash of different perspectives — just what was achieved by the curators of the centre. That’s just the culture of the dispute, according to them, could be higher. However, back to the topic of Jock Sturges and his work in the Urals in the near future do not plan.


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