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“Without embarrassment”: an exhibition of Jock Sturges could not resist anger Вести.Ru

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

it would Seem that today’s private event in Moscow, but it attracted active national interest. Center of photography behalf of the Lumiere brothers unexpectedly closed the doors to the exhibition of famous American photographer Jock Sturges. What specific photos were exhibited, a little, who knows, since the exposure time to visit a few.

Recently appointed President of the children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova has said: “Just creepy that the exhibition the author, whose work has been recognized by Roskomnadzor child pornography can take place in the cultural life of our capital.”

Reaction of the Ombudsman was a response to public dissatisfaction with the very fact of an exhibition of Jock Sturges, some of which previously Roskomnadzor really recognize child pornography and under its responsibility according to the law blocked in the Network. But, according to the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov, “the analysis of this specific exposure, the Agency has not conducted, that was not his function”.

for his part, the curator of the exhibition Natalia Grigorieva-Litvinskaya stated that child pornography in the exhibition at all, and the pictures of adult models-Nude are artistic in nature, in addition to Moscow, pictures of Sturgis carefully selected.

“the Charges pending in the Network, and photos that demonstrate how supposedly from the exhibition in the centre of the picture, no relation to the exhibition do not have,” said Grigorieva-Litvinskaya.

anyway, and the topic arises. Active citizens have already appealed to the Prosecutor with the requirement to check the exposure for compliance with the law, quite frankly, a borderline case. The children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova supports such a question, but at the same time and against hooliganism, wengelnik of action, which, unfortunately, took place in the exhibition hall of the Lumiere brothers. Before the end of the verification work has already become a controversial exhibition suspended.

it is too early to judge categorically what happened. In any case, Russia has the right to their cultural identity. If it is used fully Muslim country or some Holland, then why should we deny the same right to be themselves?

However, this time it is not so large, because the question in this case is not about pictures for school books, and on microscopic exhibition marked “18+”. If so, you should hear the opinion of film critic, culturologist Kirill raslogov.

“When we are talking about a local phenomenon, then any talk of a ban is absolutely pointless. You can restrict the age of people admitted to this exhibition. It’s real. And the art to exist, to violate the prohibitions. But if we are talking about art, there’s a lot of things you can find in the old classical, ancient, and in the Bible there are many things that are blamed and censured. But this does not mean that it is impossible to say and it is impossible to show. This can not be done is another question,” — said Kirill Razlogov, the President of Guild of film experts and film critics of Russia, film critic, cultural anthropologist.

As usual, discussions of this kind have in particular occasions.

Author: Varvara Nevskaya

in the center of the exhibition, to understand it turns out neither at once. Here, liberal reporters, and sophisticated art, and if justified by the organizers, and respectable public figures all along the perimeter white interior photographic centre behalf of the Lumiere Brothers. On the background of 35 works of the controversial photographer Jock Sturgis at the time of the fade. But the man who introduced himself as simply Sleds, a citizen of Russia, quickly returns to them in the public interest.

the scent of doom is added to the pungent smell of urine. And even a plastic bottle that became a symbol of this combat art or pedophilia remains lonely lying on the floor, resisting her master carefully escorted in a police car. His reaction — as if the quintessence of the people’s anger.

“Received a huge number of outraged complaints from citizens who were outraged by the photos that he showed me. It was a nightmare. I immediately went to the police, the Prosecutor’s office, the Prefecture,” said Anton Tsvetkov, the Chairman of the security Commission of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation.

in this public man was not the first. His convincing “no” frivolous exhibition was previously expressed by a member of the Federation Council Elena Mizulina, and the children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova. Don’t miss the chance to ride the wave of protest and the Orthodox activist Dmitry Enteo.

disgruntled cries “where are watching the Ministry of culture?” the organizer of the photo exhibition of Edward, dressed in a dark purple cardigan, just shrugs. The Ministry of the exhibition held under the telling title “Without embarrassment” photo center notified a few months, but no sanctions from the authorities was not followed. Sadly looking towards camera, the man ponders how to convince the public that this is still an art.

it All started with the Internet. The publication of the most explicit works of 69-year-old photographer one of the users has caused a tsunami effect. A collection of Sturgis has a lot of photos where naked Lolita in languid poses appear in front of the lens. That at the exhibition in Central Moscow, these photos are not represented, and the works admitted to the exposition is quite innocent, thinking no one.

In the 90 years a native of new York had a lot of problems with the FBI. His studios were searched, and he himself has been repeatedly threatened by religious activists. However, neither one won the case on charges of propaganda of pedophilia among the opponents of Sturgis no. In the same way as there is no definite answer where the art ends and begins the debauchery.

“we Need to understand art, try to give yourself some adequate condition to understand what living art, the people live who want to understand it. Need to figure it out. To adequately respond, we need to understand ourselves”, — Natalia Grigorieva-Litvinskaya.

a Cordon of representatives of crime prevention, who, at the request of Anton Tsvetkov allegedly guarded the exposure from the very inadequate response, as it turned out, in terms of the law, behaved not very adequate.

“We understand that no social movement has no authority to forbid something or to allow. It is still the prerogative of the authorities. In this case, if we are really dealing with a crime, you need to call law enforcement. And no social movement, no public organization can not prevent holding of the exhibition”, — said the lawyer of Anastasia Ragulina

the Provocative work of Jock Sturgis, so hotly debated on the Internet, this exhibition was not represented, and those that do hang, for example, a Nude mother embraces her daughter, the Russians have become familiar will not be able — exhibition officially closed on September 25.


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