Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Ukrainian explained the kiss in the ass Kardashian – Days.

Ukrainian journalist Vitaly Seduc commented on his behavior towards the media personality Kim Kardashian in Paris. In the words of the provocateur, he did not pursue her and was there by accident.

on his page On Instagram Vitaly Seduc explained that that day was eating ice cream in a posh restaurant where there is free Wi-Fi. At some point drove the car, which rushed to the journalists.

“I decided to go look. I swear, I didn’t know that there will come Kim. This means that I’m not stalking celebrities, and she arrived there on purpose,” added Seduc.

According to the Ukrainian, he kissed ass Kardashian in protest against the artificial appearance. Vitaly called on all the sisters starry Armenian clan to start the promotion of natural beauty among adolescent girls.

meanwhile, the media personality is going to sue to Seduce and make a statement to the police, reports TMZ. According to Kardashian, this behavior is a constant threat to her and other celebrities. She is confident that the journalist will not stop provocations, “until you pay for it.”

the Scandalous incident took place in Paris, where Kim Kardashian arrived to fashion Week. Vitaly Seduce managed to bypass the guards, to sneak up and kiss krutovato star in the buttocks.

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