Thursday, September 29, 2016

The leader of group “the spleen” Alexander Vasiliev about the album “the Key” – Газета.Ru

— In an interview on the occasion of the release of the previous album “Resonance” you told me that the Studio “Dobrolet” — your place of power. For the “Key to the cipher” “spleen” however, got his own Studio. How did this happen?

— the fact that the Studio “Dobrolet” — three doors, three huge rooms. And there was always the fourth door, and there was some Studio of circus art. And here we are at some point suddenly found out that she moved out. Immediately ran to the Director with money and begged anyone this premise is not to give. There is a ceiling four feet, a huge window with a view on St. Petersburg roof, plus we were given nine Parking spaces in the city centre — what could be better! We quickly made repairs, brought all the equipment and recorded.

— And this is all profitable story? It is not cheaper to “Dobrolet” to sign up?

— no, there is month’s rent is three days recording at “Dobrolet”. But it is not even that. Important — there Feng Shui. Come and know all will be as good as never was. So in the end what happened.

— are You a recent interview told me that for you, Moscow is a village in the Valdai hill. And all that in them is, you don’t care. Nevertheless, the album is the song “Anxiety”, which is clearly inspired by what’s happening outside St. Petersburg…

— no. In General, concerns for the future has always been human nature. And now the news will include once it is clear that flare up at any time and absolutely anywhere. There seems to me even incorrectly refer to a specific event, this is just a General state of modern society.

— You recently traveled to Ukraine. How was the tour?

Great. We played on a big festival where there was not a single political slogan — just music, music, music. There were musicians from all over the world, and there we represented Russia, showed that no aggression from us is not.

— Problems at the border and was not there?

Nothing. At all. Our government is not at war with Ukraine. Neither from our, nor from the Ukrainian side had no problems and inhibitions at the border. Come, play, for God’s sake.

— Spring came out of the sensational material “Novaya Gazeta” about teenage suicide, and now you have the album appears the song “whale” is a word in many relevant groups in social networks is present. These phenomena are somehow connected?

— no, of course I anything similar did not read. This song is about the loss of a loved one, which is shown in the example of the child and the whale. The song that lose a loved one at any age is very difficult.

— You have a lot on the album about God, sing, and turn to him quite familiarly…

— I’m an atheist who believes in God. From this position written the song “Skull and bones”. I don’t belong to one denomination, but recognize God as the root cause of birth of this world. That’s what it is. I do love the paradoxes in science, in literature. I always isolate these lines. Poetry is usually a line of two parts in which the second denies the first: I am an atheist who believes in God. I do think that the pinnacle of poetry is a paradox.

— by the Way, in the song “Skull and bones” do you use a sample from “Break on Through” by The Doors. The right to buy?

— no, I just stole your favorite band and not hide it. If you come to ask me — will have to pay (laughs). You could tell a lie that I played. But that’s the fun for me is to take a drum part from your favorite song and come up with your text.

— Park Live festival you played a program of greatest hits. How many songs with “the Key to the cipher” you will play in the upcoming tour?

— for festivals We made a special program consisting of hyperchaos. Recitals, in turn we play the songs, so to speak, of the second plan — but no less expensive for us. As for the “Key to the cipher”, the round we are going to play all the songs from the LP. Although, really, not all, of the two songs we dazzled one. What not to say.

—You said that during a recent tour in the US, you met with the team of developers of WhatsApp. Tell us how it happened?

— We received a letter that Jan koum and his team are invited to play a house concert for them. Of course, we agreed. It was all somewhere in California, I can’t remember. They rented a big loft, we played a great house concert. Almost all children — immigrants from Ukraine. This is our public — higher education, intelligent people. Still successful. It was very pleasant to talk to. Well, after this meeting, I finally decided that the album should be called “the Key” — such coincidences are not accidental.

— 10-15 Years ago you were a national hero, the songs sounded from each iron, was shown on the TV. Now the situation seems little changed — the role of TV, radio and even more. How do you feel in the changed circumstances?

— And nothing has changed really. We have now filmed a video for the song “Pyramid”, and once it became clear that the country has 10-15 channels with which we immediately began to call and ask for our video. It’s just we grew up, and chetyrnadcatiletnie and sit staring at the screen all the same.

— not upset that you grew up and your clips still look chetyrnadcatiletnie?

— no. Our shows have come two generations of students — 15-year-olds and 42-year-old parents. They just all stick to the same music — Russian rock, all that.

You feel yourself belonging to the Russian rock?

— No, I have these definitions at all, I am a ascetic. I like to write songs, then write them down — this is for me a real journey every time. In General, I write the bard and bard songs, I’m not a rock musician. Rockers for me — it’s such a long hair, guys in leather that I always avoided on the contrary (laughs). The first musician who I have a crush, — Vysotsky, within this framework, I hold, it does me good.

new music follow? Rap, electronics?

Yes I’m interested, of course. If there’s a message, I always read.

— did Not think the style change as something to be updated?

— why should I become someone else, if I like to be me? Me perfectly get a rocker, a bard, a lover of symphonic music… we Have on the album because the symbiosis of genres — rock, trip-hop, and recitative, and chorales. What is the genre?.. I like, individual things to create.


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