Monday, September 26, 2016

Scandals of photographer Sturges: pornography or art – Days.

Exhibition of American photographer Jock Sturges “Without embarrassment” was opened on 7 September, but the past weekend has caused a wide public resonance. It turns out that Jock Russian scandal is not a “debut”. 26 years ago in his Studio raided by the FBI with police. The guards confiscated the photographer’s pictures, and all owned equipment. What happened in 1990, and why Sturges regularly comes into conflict with the authorities?

As this time, 26 years ago, American authorities were concerned that the photographer selects as models for young girls. Often minors. It is known that since the days of College Jock worked on nudist beaches.

Art community of the US and Europe spoke in favor of Sturgis. Photographers and critics all over the world in one voice began to prove that in his work there is no hint of pornography. Whatever you say, and today’s discussion of the Moscow critics are quite similar to the spores of the Americans 26 years ago.

the Trial lasted almost two years. In the end, the Council for the supervision of law held: the actions of the police and the FBI were illegal. However, all differences with the authorities played a Jock only. His popularity in those years has reached unprecedented heights.

In Russia, no formal discussions and proceedings, it seems, will be no more. On September 25, the exhibition “Without embarrassment” Sturges was closed. On the website of the Centre photos behalf of the Lumiere brothers she moved to the archive. In the description of the exhibit there was a comment of the administration center.

“appeared In the media about the information that the exhibition “Without embarrassment” Jock Sturges presents child pornography. We want to deny it. Pictures of children are featured at the exhibition, comply with the law of the Russian Federation and norms of decency. Nude model in the exhibition is: adults, adult women.”

the head of the Center Eduard Litvinsky September 25 reported that no may not respond to the scandal. In the end, the decision on closing of the exhibition was made after consultation with representatives of the Public chamber of Russia. As you can see, the opinion of Elena Mizulina on the presence in the work of the American child pornography was not supported by a single official.

A Moscow photographers, designers and writers have already expressed their negative attitude to the incident. Some even said that such bans is a direct way “back in the USSR”.

Author: Tatyana O. ozorninaSeptember 26, 2016, 11:37

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