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Moscow festival “Circle of light” entered in the Guinness Book of records – live TV Center – the Official web site of the company

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In Moscow, was inaugurated the annual festival “Circle of light” – most memorable – and literally – event of the season. Five days main the wizard to create multimedia artworks from around the world showed spectators.

flight after Flight over the Rowing channel grows almost an exact copy of the Crimean bridge. The video projection shows all the stages of large-scale construction – from the first pile to the construction of navigable arches. With only one difference. As building tools here only water and powerful lasers, reports “TV Center”.

to turn a Rowing canal in the Krymskaya embankment, the organizers of the show had to install a hundred and fifty fountains and build a mini-city with a height of over 50 meters. Sophisticated design has become a canvas for Cvetomuzyka from around the world. At the closing ceremony of the festival “Circle of light” arrived and the mayor.

“Circle of light” is part of a large work on the creation of beautiful modern comfortable beloved city of Moscow. Friends, I want to thank the 150 teams of designers who came to Moscow and created such a festive atmosphere. I want to thank the organizers of the festival and I want to thank the people who came and, I hope, was delighted with what was done at this festival”, – said Sobyanin.

On the show podium converted into a passenger liner. And the imagination of lighting designers sends the audience on a great journey across Russia. Just over an hour, they manage to greet the morning in the peaceful Crimean village, to plunge into the daily bustle of a modern metropolis, and finally, spend a rowdy evening in the capital.

Among the spectators and representatives of the Guinness Book of records, who managed to capture several world achievements. The four-day show was the most ambitious in the history of lighting. His works were presented by 156 artists from 31 countries. For the first time participated teams from Thailand, Peru, Argentina, China, Sri Lanka and Lebanon. This year to limit designers to one topic did not, providing complete freedom of creativity and 40 thousand square meters of space. Moscow state University and Bolshoi theatre, VDNKH and Krylatskoe for a few days was replaced by the familiar face and turned into a real theater under the open sky.

the Winners were selected by an international jury, headed by one of the best lighting designers Patrick Woodroffe. In the category “Klassik” best of all proved the team from Russia. British laser show became the first in the section “Modern”. And Spain declared the winner of the contest “VJ”. But, despite the extensive geography of participants of competition on the court is almost not felt. After all, when we are talking about high technology, to achieve the result only by joining efforts. And if the technology to add creativity, familiar world begins to change before our eyes.

Anna Peshekhonov, Maxim Pankin, Sergey Davidek, TV Center”.


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