Friday, September 23, 2016

Panayotov became the participant of the show “the Voice” – Bing news

Alexander Panayotov (32) and promised us a surprise and kept his word! Comes from the show “people’s artist” has become part of the most popular music contest of Russia – project “the Voice”! Sasha told PEOPLETALK, how it happened. I am very glad I decided to participate in the project “the Voice”, despite the fact that I am quite an accomplished artist, who has a great creative history and 13 years of work on stage, three albums, dozens of videos, recitals. Thank God, all the years of my creative activities I have my own audience, its own audience, loyal fans.

one moment I’m a bit closed from the media and, well, I’ve gone from the global media space. I just was not interested to go on countless talk shows, programs about everything except music. (Laughs). I wanted only to sing and appear only in programs where I can show my creativity, to Express themselves in the first place musically.

I was often invited to take part in different projects, including the audience favorite parody of the show. I could try, and I know that I have good to happen. But I wanted a special organics. So I was enjoying the process. “Voice” is just one of the projects in which I feel the most organic. So I decided that such a “come back”in the global terrestrial space is the best possible, participated in the “Voice”. Live sound, band and the First channel – all these components have more than satisfied. I most comfortable on stage of this project. You know, oddly enough, with all my experience and years of stage experience, I was very emotional before going on stage. Perhaps, I’m not worried, even when standing at the Hall of the UN General Assembly in new York. (Laughs.) Strange feeling — to sing to the people in the back when I used to see faces and smiles of the public. So first was a mild jitters, even little hands were shaking. But, when all turned at one point a cascade, I relaxed and from then on I loved the song. Sasha sang the famous song, Celine Dion (48) All By Myself. I turned to him all of the mentors. Naturally, each of them wanted to get Panaiotova to his team (just before the fight never came), but he chose Grigory Leps (54). Actually, the choice was very difficult: I madly respect and love all my colleagues, mentors of the project. They are all amazingly talented, very versatile personality, creative geniuses, each in his musical world. Pauline is just my goddess, my creative sister, best female voice of the decade, in my opinion. He is a great entertainer, very professional, workaholic, the most titled young pop artist. And he incredibly revealed in the project from a human point of view as the deep thin thinker. Leonid – for all musicians, aesthetes, of course, the Maestro, from whom we all draw inspiration. A real genuine musician, whose art I love.

And Gregory for me – haven’t read the book, man of mystery, man-mountain, man-power. I want to know him, to unravel its secrets. I think it will be an interesting tandem Leps Panayotov. I’m sure we will be able to surprise and delight the viewer. PEOPLETALK Sasha congratulates and wishes him success!


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