Thursday, July 30, 2015

Adviser to the President of Russia on culture: the appointment Halyuta – wrongly – RIA Novosti

Simferopol, July 31 – RIA Novosti. Appointment of Dean of the Sevastopol district Archpriest Sergius Halyuta director of the reserve “Chersonese” is a hasty and poorly thought-out, told RIA Novosti Russian Presidential Advisor for Culture Vladimir Tolstoy.

Halyuta was appointed director of the National Reserve “Chersonese” in Sevastopol on Wednesday the decision of the Governor Sergei Menyailo. According Menyailo decision agreed with the Ministry of Culture of Russia and the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill. The governor also expressed the opinion that such an appointment is the best, “given certain contradictions between the museum and the temple located on the reserve.”

“I believe that this decision is a hasty and poorly thought-out, and, in my opinion, incorrect. Andrei Kulagin (was) completely out of place, he enjoyed the respect of his staff and the removal, in my opinion, nothing has been argued” – said Tolstoy.

“Especially once difficult to accept the appointment of a clergyman in this situation, when between the museum and the temple had been some controversy and misunderstanding of the significance of (reserve) as absolutely unique, world-class object of ancient culture “- he added.

Presidential adviser also said that coordination purposes with the Ministry of Culture, referred Menyailo was not.

” I think incorrect reference to coordination with the Ministry of culture because matching itself was not, it was a notification message on the appointment, “- said Tolstoy. – And in this case, despite the fact that there is a direct order of the President of the transfer to the federal level of Chersonesos, this agreement should have been more deeply and thoroughly “.

” I hope this decision can be changed and corrected ” – Advisor to the President concluded.

The National Reserve “Chersonese” is the largest museum and research institution. It consists of an ancient settlement, portions unique agricultural region, the so-called “chorus”, as well as the medieval fortress and Cembalo Calamita. In 2013, the facility is “The ancient city of Chersonesos and its chorus” is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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