Friday, July 31, 2015

Hospitalized four injured in an accident with a train Belgorod – Russian newspaper

Hospitalized another injured in train collision “Moscow – Belgorod” and laden with gravel KAMAZ reported TASS referring to the Chief of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Sergei Potapov Belgorod region.

So way, only in hospitals is four people injured in the accident: previously been hospitalized train driver, the conductor and the driver of the truck. According to the RF IC, all in this accident injured 11 people.

Recall that the passenger train collision occurred and KAMAZ afternoon – just before the train was due to arrive at the final station of the route. According to intelligence agencies, a truck driver violating traffic rules, went to move a red light. As a result, Kamaz strike flew into the ravine, and several train cars out of the way.

Meanwhile, the press service of the Governor and Government noted that hospitalized with injuries of people have already been examined at the hospital Prokhorov. Physicians ascertained. internal bleeding that no one, all the victims – in mind. Now, in addition to the district hospital doctors, their condition monitoring and a team from the regional hospital, went to the municipality specifically.

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