Friday, July 31, 2015

Medina: “Sunny Clown” Popov continues to give people warm – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, July 31 – RIA Novosti. The People’s Artist of the USSR “sunny clown” Oleg Popov, who on Friday marks the 85th anniversary thanks to sparkling sense of humor, a unique gift and hard work created unforgettable images on which grew more than one generation, said Culture Minister Vladimir Medina.

The Minister of Culture on Friday sent a message of congratulations to Oleg Popov, wished good health and inexhaustible creative energy.

“Dear Oleg Antonov! Please accept my sincere congratulations on your birthday! You are rightly called a legend of the circus. A huge number of prestigious awards and honors, the love of millions of children and adults around the world – the best proof, “- the telegram says.

Medina said, that Popov dedicated his life to circus arts and reached dizzying success in it. According to the Minister of Culture, thanks to sparkling sense of humor, unique gift, diligence and skill of Oleg Popov created memorable images, which grew more than one generation.

“A touching” sunny clown “in your performance so far gives warmth and joy to people. Your creativity – an important part of the cultural heritage of our country. I am grateful for the fact that after many years, you are again visited Russia, which was a boon for a variety of your fans. I sincerely hope that in the future such visits become regular ” – he added.

Popov – People’s Artist of the USSR (1969). He was awarded the Order of Lenin (1980), the Order of Friendship (1994). Marked Certificate of Merit President of the Russian Federation (2010). In 1981 he won the honorary prize “Golden Clown” International Festival in Monte Carlo. In June 2015, Oleg Popov, the first time in 25 years came to Russia, where he was guest of honor at the international circus award “Master”, which was held in Sochi, and was awarded the “Legend of the circus”.


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