Friday, July 31, 2015

The creators of “Game of Thrones” talked about the sequel and finally “killed” by John Snow – to Pravda.Ru

 scene from Game of Thrones

Photo source: Associated Press.

Top studio HBO Manager Michael Lombardo said the producers, could still change his mind, but now it is such a prospect. He did not rule out that “Game of Thrones” may appear prequel, but now are shooting the sixth season, which will be released in theaters in 2016.

Lombardo also said that the creators of the series have always shown the accuracy and tried not to go beyond the boundaries of storytelling.

Recall that “Game of Thrones” – adaptation of the unfinished fantasy saga “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George Martin, is published from 1996 to the present day. In April 2011, the HBO channel launched series, every season is roughly equivalent to one or two books. “Game of Thrones” is awarded 10 awards “Emmy”, “Golden Globe” and many other awards.

As previously wrote is true. Roux, terrible details of the fifth series “Game of Thrones” revealed author fantasy saga “A Song of Ice and Fire” on which the film is removed, George RR Martin: viewers in the new series are waiting for some unexpected deaths, reports IGN.

“The new season will die a few characters who survive in my novels, so fans will be unhappy not only the series, but also books,” – he said.

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