Sunday, August 16, 2015

A new series of “Star Wars” will remove the director of “Jurassic World” – BBC Russian

Fantastic film “Star Wars: The Awakening forces” was named the most anticipated releases of 2015

The film “Star Wars: Episode 9″ will be Colin Trevorrow, who worked on the movie “Jurassic World”.

The ninth episode will close a third of the epic trilogy.

The first film of the trilogy, “Star Wars: The Awakening forces” will be released in the world rolled in December.

Events in the new, seventh series will be developed after the sixth episode of ” Return of the Jedi “was released in 1983.

The film, which will run over Trevorrow, due for release in 2019, but the preliminary stages of the filming will begin later this year.

“Jurassic World” has collected 1.5 billion dollars in worldwide box office.

Before he took only Trevorrow comedy “Safety is not guaranteed”.

As explained by the president of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy Trevorrow chosen for the role of director in connection with the fact that It combines “extraordinary talent”, the skills a good storyteller and experienced director.

Trevorrow worked on the blockbuster” Jurassic World “

Going rental seventh episode of” Star Wars “is scheduled for December 18, 2015. The seventh episode of the epic was directed films “Mission Impossible III”, “Star Trek” and other, Jeffrey Jacob Abrams.

In the 8th episode of the fantastic saga responsible director of the film “time loop” and several episodes of the series ” Breaking Bad “Ryan Johnson.

In December 2012 Disney completed the purchase of the author of the series” Star Wars “George Lucas’ production company Lucasfilm it for $ 4.6 billion.

Film announced a new director at the dedication of the universe of “Star Wars” exhibition in California.

There’s also Disney announced the creation of two thematic areas, dedicated to the fantastic world, in its amusement parks ‘Disneyland’ in Anaheim (California), and Orlando (Florida).

According to Disney CEO Bob Iger, to create thematic zones will be expanded existing parks 14 acres each.

Each of the parks will be built copy of Space Millennium Falcon spaceship one of the main characters of the saga of Han Solo.


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